Top 25 Best Makeup Train Cases for Makeup lovers

makeup train case

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It’s a pretty sight to see beautiful displays of cute makeup bottles and boxes sitting on a counter. Moving them from one place to another, however, could be a nightmare unless you know how to pack and store them suitably.

And that’s where makeup train cases come in handy.

If you are a busy makeup professional on the go or someone who frequently travels with a huge load of makeup, you know the struggles of carrying makeup products of different shapes, sizes, and materials(often fragile) in your everyday bag.

A sturdy, spacious makeup storage case is a wonderful investment that can safely carry your precious makeup goodies. 

There are several types of makeup train cases in the market that will suit your needs and ensure that your makeup products stay put.

The options are plenty and could be easily confusing.

We have therefore handpicked the BEST makeup train cases (professional, travel, with lights, etc.) that we believe are the best out there.

Here are our favorites.

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Best professional makeup train case

In a rush? ✅ Our #1 Favorite makeup train case is THIS ONE HERE. It is a STUNNING, high-quality rolling, and removable makeup train case. Big, versatile, and totally BEAUTIFUL.

Beauty artists who travel from one location to another will greatly benefit by carrying a professional makeup case that not only looks stylish but can securely store all the makeup products and tools.

They even allow for the effective organization of the items.

These are our picks for you: 

1. Makeup artist train case – Organized Chaos by NYX

NYX makeup train case organizer

This case is perfect for organizing large quantities of makeup products.

The canvas case is well-built and spacious and includes six bags that can hold large amounts of makeup and brushes.

The bags are detachable and come with Velcro straps that can be used outside the case for easy access.

This can save some time for busy artists who work on sets and other fast-paced environments as they can easily get to their work tools. 

The NYX makeup case also includes four additional plastic organizers that can safely carry fragile bottles and liquid products. Transporting your items from one place to another is a breeze with this case.


  • Sturdy, well-made case that looks smart and sleek.
  • Clear inner bags that are detachable and can be velcroed outside the case. 
  • Spacious storage to hold tools like hair dryers and curling irons.Also contains additional plastic storage.
  • Travel-friendly case


  • The case is slightly on the heavier side even when empty.

Get it here: Organized Chaos by NYX

2. Oudmay Makeup Case – 3 In 1 Rolling cosmetic beauty storage

The Oudmay case is perfect for a stylish accompaniment when you are out and about. Not only does it look good, but the train case is made of durable materials, with an ABS aluminum frame and reinforced steel corners.

The wheel casters let you use this box as a rolling storage case which makes it convenient to carry around.

The three separate sections in this case have foldable trays and can be detached and used separately.

The compartments can all be locked and come with plenty of dividers for easy organization.

The large size might make it look bulky, but the Oudmay case is spacious enough to carry everything you need, yet easy to maneuver with a pull rod handle.

It comes in 5 attractive colors, including a gorgeous sparkling black diamond and pink diamond option.


  • Three separate compartments that can be detached and used on their own. 
  • Rolling storage that makes it easily portable.
  • Deep compartments with several pockets and dividers for professional organization
  • Sturdy, well-made frame that is long-lasting.


  • The case needs assembly that requires some effort.

Get it here: Oudmay Makeup Case – 3 In 1 Rolling cosmetic beauty storage

3. Byootique Red Gold Rolling Makeup Train Case

Byootique has a glamorous vintage and retro-inspired makeup case that any fashionista would adore. The best part – it’s got style and substance!

The case has a durable aluminum frame and is divided into three sections.

The top section can be used like a handbag and it includes a large strap that makes it easy to carry. The bottom part can also double up as a rolling suitcase.

The top case has four retractable trays that provide easy access to the products inside.

The bottom box has an independent tray with plenty of adjustable dividers and sections, which works well for large-sized tools like hair dryers and other styling tools.

The 360-degree removable swivel wheels make carrying the case super-easy. It even includes two clear makeup pouches to keep lotions and liquids without any spilling and leakage.


  • The case has beautiful colors and patterns and serves as a beautiful fashion accessory. If bling’s not your style, Byootique has a leather-like black case that’s equally stylish!
  • Detachable sections let you use the case as regular-sized luggage when required.
  • Trays with adjustable dividers can fit items of different sizes. Suitable for not just makeup artists but also hairstylists, dancers, performers, etc.


  • The removable wheels tend to be less durable. However, replacement wheels are available for purchase directly from the vendor.

Get it here: Byootique Red Gold Rolling Makeup Train Case

4. Rolling Train Case 5-in-1 with nail polish holder

This pretty pink case is an organizer’s dream with its several compartments and flexible space configurations. With add-on wheels and a pull rod handle, this rolling case is perfect for transporting your beauty products from one point to another.

The velvet lining on the inside gives a luxurious feel and also protects your things from rough bumps and falls, as do the sturdy aluminum frame and reinforced steel corners.

The case is divided into five sections, and the top section transforms into a handbag or carry-on organizer with a comfortable shoulder strap.

The middle parts can be detached, and the top and bottom sections can go together for medium-sized portable storage.

The trays all come with adjustable dividers that can be shifted to fit multiple-sized items together. An added feature is a tray with small foam dividers that can securely hold up to 35 nail polishes.


  • Aesthetically appealing train case which is gorgeous and well-built
  • Multiple-sized objects fit well with adjustable dividers.
  • Can be used not only by makeup artists but also by nail technicians and other beauty artists.
  • Easy to maneuver with removable 360-degree swivel wheels.


  • Overfilling can cause the latch to become undone and spill the inside items. The case comes with keys for better protection. 

Get it here: Rolling Train Case 5-in-1 with nail polish holder

5. Ver Beauty Rolling Makeup Trolley

This storage case is super-versatile and comes in a chic all-black faux-leather style.

It is spacious enough to carry plenty of products and is the ideal choice for hairstylists, nail technicians, makeup artists, and other beauty professionals to store and carry their valuable goods. 

Unlike other train cases, the Ver makeup trolley does not include multiple sections.

It consists of two spacious drawers which can house large quantities of makeup and tools.

The case comes with a tray that has 45 slots to hold nail polishes, foundations, or lipsticks.

The drawers have flexible, removable dividers and can be secured with sturdy latches and keys. The train case is made of high-quality materials and easily portable.


  • The two drawers are large enough to hold a lot of things at once. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend time organizing everything and just want a spacious storage box.
  • Can be arranged to professionally display the products in three sections.
  • Comes with removable dividers, 360-degree swivel wheels, and a clear inner pouch.


  • The case tends to be slightly heavier.

Get it here: Ver Beauty Rolling Makeup Trolley

Best train case for makeup artist

If you are a makeup artist who travels to meet clients, it can be stressful carrying a lot of expensive makeup, especially liquids, creams, and those in glass containers.

Not to mention multiple tones and colors of the same item so that it fits each client.

That’s where these train cases can be of help, as they can provide a safe system for the products to stay in place.

6. Byootique Makeup Train Case Makeup Organizer

rolling makeup train case for MUAs in pink

This one-of-a-kind makeup organizer by Byootique will amaze you with its many impressive features.

While it functions perfectly as a storage makeup box, it can also double up as a portable makeup or nail station with an expandable table that is folded into the box.

It also has a mirror underneath the top lid that makes it perfect for makeup application.

The swivel wheels let you take this case anywhere you want, even for an outdoor makeup session.

The four sections come with many adjustable and removable dividers and detachable drawers that make it easy to organize your makeup and nail polishes.

The body is made of a durable aluminum frame, and the metal corners protect from rough bumps. It also has a fire-retardant exterior.

This attractive Barbie-pink case also has power outlets and a built-in radio and speakers!


  • Attractive storage case that can also be used as a makeup or nail art station.
  • Well-made frame with large, spacious storage 
  • Plenty of dividers and drawers for proper organization.
  • Cool features like an expandable table, inbuilt radio, and speakers.


  • Expensive compared to other makeup train cases.

Get it here: Byootique Makeup Train Case Makeup Organizer

7. Shany Rebel Pro Series Makeup Artists Multifunction lighted Cosmetics  


Shany is known for its innovative and affordable beauty products, and the Proudly Pink train case is no different. The hot pink case with black fittings looks fun and stylish, and it functions as both makeup storage and a complete makeup station.

Several features make this Shany case unique, including a dazzling LED-lit mirror that’s very helpful for makeup application.

It even comes with a fan!

This train case has three tiers, each consisting of trays, drawers, and dividers that provide ample space for organization. The top tier includes the mirror and has a sliding shelf for deep storage. The elaborate second tier has four expandable storage compartments and dual locks so that it can be secured and the makeup held in place. The inside panels also have elastic bands to attach makeup brushes and other smaller items. The bottom tier is large and deep and can carry several hair styling tools. 


  • Doubles up as both makeup storage and a portable makeup studio.
  • Huge compartments to hold makeup and tools of different shapes and sizes. Additional holders for blow dryers and makeup brushes.
  • Sturdy, high-quality aluminum construction. Insides are made of durable plastic.


  • The case is on the heavier side.

Get it here: Shany Rebel Pro Series Makeup Artists Multifunction lighted Cosmetics Rolling Case with Fan

8. Ascase Rolling Lockable Makeup Train Case

The Ascase makeup case has a durable ABS surface, sturdy aluminum frame, and reinforced corners.

But the exterior made of PVC leather and the ornate gold fixtures adds a beautiful vintage-inspired chicness to this case.

While it is a fully functional, portable rolling case, it would look just as beautiful as a piece of storage furniture in any room or salon.

The makeup case has rotating wheels with a locking system which makes it easy to use both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a heavy-duty handle for grip and comfort.

The two sliding drawers glide smoothly on pulling out and contain many drawers and trays and are ideal for all product organizations.

It also has multiple locks and keys for the safekeeping of your things. Despite its size, the Ascase case is not too heavy and quite easy to carry. 


  • Works equally well as a traveling makeup case as well as an indoor storage furniture piece.
  • Versatile and practical product. Contains spacious storage and multiple holders for hair styling tools and makeup. Can be used by hair stylists, makeup artists, and many other professionals.
  • Detachable drawers can be taken apart and cleaned easily.  


  • This is a tall case, so it could be challenging to fit it into cars with smaller trunk space.

Get it here: Ascase Rolling Lockable Makeup Train Case

Best makeup case organizer

Makeup case organizers help by finding a space for all your loose makeup. They allow you to store your things safely and eliminate the risks of spills and breakage. A properly organized storage system improves accessibility and lets you reach the products you want with great ease.

9. Dastingo Black Rolling Makeup Train Case

black professional makeup train case

This all-black rolling case is an elegant makeup organizer that can be used both for storage and as a display rack.

The PU surface and high-quality construction diminish signs of wear and tear and help the case look pristine, and allows it to last a long time.

The insides have a sponge lining which provides a cushioning effect and renders the train case shake-proof and pressure-proof.

The water-resistant lining keeps everything moisture-free and prevents any dampness. These features make the Dastingo case perfect for all-weather use.

The case has three attached sections, all with several compartments and trays.

It comes with holders for makeup brushes and a protective plastic cover to keep them safe. A mesh compartment is provided to store any privacy items.

The double metal zippers, locks, keys, and comfortable grip handles ensure that this case is safe and easy to use. 

The trays are lined in the bottom with plastic and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


  • Sturdy construction and easy-to-maintain PU surface helps the case last long without any signs of wear and tear.
  • The rolling case can be used indoors and outdoors, and has weather-resistant exterior and interior to limit any damage.
  • Plastic lined insides make cleaning easy even with spills and leaks.
  • More than 50 compartments to store products of varying sizes.


  • Does not come with detachable sections, and drawers are not removable.

Get it here: Dastingo Black Rolling Makeup Train Case

10. Dastingo Green 3 in1 Leather Makeup Artist Travel Train Case

blue and green rolling professional makeup train case and organizer

This beautiful three-in-one case has a leather-like exterior and detachable sections which can be used separately.

The top section doubles as a handbag with a strap, the middle section functions as an individual tray, the bottom works well as a small rolling suitcase, and the top and bottom together make a medium-sized storage case that’s easier to carry around.

The bottom layer is deep enough to store larger bottles and styling tools.

The sections have retractable trays and adjustable dividers.

The adjustable dividers let artists store different-sized products more efficiently. Retractable trays help display the products and access them easily.

The swivel wheels are easy to maneuver and are removable and also replaceable. They also come with a locking system for better stability.

The added clear pouches also offer more storage options.


  • Large, spacious case that can house a number of products and tools, ideal for traveling makeup professionals.
  • Detachable sections mean different combinations are possible. Depending on the number of products, the case can be sized up or down.
  • Many dividers and compartments to store both small and large makeup products, and other tools and brushes.


  • It is relatively more expensive.

Get it here: Dastingo Green 3 in1 Leather Makeup Artist Travel Train Case

Best makeup travel case

Here are a few travel/ storage cases that are ideal for busy beauty professionals.

These cases are not too bulky and are great for storing small and large makeup bottles, brushes, and other objects that are needed for the perfect makeup application.

11. Byootique Portable Cosmetics Makeup Bag Train Travel Case

travel makeup train case for makeup artists

This makeup case is the right size for makeup artists who travel frequently and prefer carrying a lighter storage box.

The hard case has a water-repellent nylon exterior that makes it more durable than plastic, more resistant to wear and tear, and lasts a long time.

The black case has a classic appearance that never goes out of style, and the hard exterior surface makes it easy to keep it clean and dust-free.

The case opens to several display trays and compartments that can store plenty of makeup and brushes.

The brushes can be stored separately in a plastic-lined pouch that keeps them dry and free from dust and dirt.

This pouch is detachable and hence easily accessible while applying makeup.

The dividers are removable and adjustable.

The case includes a large strap that can be used to carry it like a shoulder bag. It can also be buckled at the front, which helps keep the case firmly locked.


  • Ideal for displaying makeup and organizing multiple products inside.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry during travels. 
  • Detachable pouch to hold brushes
  • Easy to clean


  • Limited space available as this is not a full-sized train case.

Get it here: Byootique Portable Cosmetics Makeup Bag Train Travel Case

12. Byootique Makeup Backpack Makeup Organizer

Byootique has a smart makeup case for the lightweight traveler, and it’s a makeup backpack!

The backpack stands out with its warm red attractive hue, but there is no other discernible way of knowing that you are carrying a makeup storage case.

It’s a great way of packing and organizing your work items when traveling to meet clients or while flying.

Like high-end backpacks, the Byootique bag has adjustable padded shoulder straps and a mesh back for added comfort and is ideal for everyday use.

The backpack opens to two inner layers with extendable trays and adjustable dividers, like a full-sized train case.

Extra space is provided under the trays to store even more items.

There are plenty of zippered pockets and slots of different sizes to hold brushes and other makeup tools. The acrylic covers help keep the bag neat and stain-free.


  • Spacious interiors, extra pockets, and storage options.
  • Comfortable, lightweight carry case made for easy flying and traveling.
  • Perfect for everyday use. Protective plastic keeps makeup from staining the insides and allows easy cleaning.
  • Extra features like USB ports, water bottles, and umbrella holders. 
  • Accessible zippered pockets outside the bag.


  • Not suitable for carrying a lot of large bottles and styling tools.

Get it here: Byootique Makeup Backpack Makeup Organizer

13. SHANY Essential Pro Makeup Train Case

This gorgeous black-on-black makeup case from Shany has a faux leather exterior that makes it look sleek and sophisticated.

With ample storage space, sturdy construction, and a very affordable price, this is, unsurprisingly, a popular choice among many beauty professionals and makeup lovers. 

The case is well-built with a durable aluminum frame and ABS body.

The sleek box is easy to clean and maintain even when used every day. The insides open into four expandable trays with six compartments in each.

The large storage space at the bottom is big enough to carry hair styling tools. Inside the box is a foam lining that protects the makeup products.

The case has easy-to-close latches, locks, and keys for security. 


  • The stylish box serves not only as a makeup train case but also as a display box to professionally present your makeup items.
  • The included strap converts it into a handbag for easy portability.
  • The inside drawers can be extended out for better visibility and accessibility
  • Compact, durable, and long-lasting


Get it here: SHANY Essential Pro Makeup Train Case

14. Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

The Relavel case may not be strictly categorized as makeup storage as it is a very versatile bag that can be used for many different purposes.

It is, however, a wonderful option to carry makeup and beauty products, especially when you prefer to travel light.

It can also be used as personal beauty storage as it efficiently declutters and organizes all your makeup products.

It is lightweight, waterproof, and shockproof, and the inner compartments help keep the bottles upright, thereby preventing leaks and spills. Cleanup is also a breeze with this case.

This multifunctional bag can hold several makeup products, nail polishes, and even jewelry and gadgets.

The inside of the bag features slots to keep makeup brushes and a plastic flap to keep them separate from other products.

The main space consists of several small compartments which are again adjustable. The case has a wide handle that makes it very comfortable to carry.


  • Versatile case that can hold many different products.
  • Plenty of dividers and slots for efficient organization
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and not bulky, very comfortable to carry  


  • Difficult to fit in tall makeup containers. Reveal does have an XL-sized option that offers larger storage space.

Get it here: Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

Best rolling makeup case 

Rolling makeup cases or train cases with wheels is a very convenient solution for frequent travelers or those who have to travel with large quantities of products.

Here are a few of our best picks for makeup train cases with wheels.

15. Stagiant Professional Rolling Makeup Case

The Stagiant professional roller case has three different sections.

The top part can be detached from the rest and used as a carry bag. The added strap makes carrying it very easy.

The bottom part works well as a rolling suitcase.

The multifunctional case has abundant storage space and compartments to store a lot of items comfortably.

It has trays for palettes, slots for brushes, and deep spaces for hair dryers and other tools.

The case is well-made with a wear-proof aluminum ending, scratch-resistant 680D Nylon fabric, and sturdy buckles for locking.

The top part has a comfortable strap, telescopic pull-out handle, and 360-degree swivel wheels for all-direction portability that rolls smoothly even on carpeted floors.

All three sections of the train case feature several compartments, trays, and pockets to store products.


  • Multi-functional case that can be used by beauty professionals and artists
  • Durable, easy to maintain and long-lasting
  • Smooth traveling system suitable for daily use.
  • Detachable top part that can be used as a smaller makeup case.


  • The case is heavy and can be difficult to lift or carry.

Get it here: Stagiant Professional Rolling Makeup Case

16. Stagiant Rolling Makeup Train Case Large Storage trolley

This 4-in-1 trolley from Stagiant is suitable for carrying large quantities of makeup and styling tools.

With four spacious tiers and adjustable dividers, makeup professionals can store more products in a systematically organized manner.

The four tiers are detachable and can be combined according to the user’s preference. The exterior has a Black diamond-painted pattern that gives the case a unique, trendy look.

The trolley is constructed from high-grade plastic, with an aluminum frame, metal corners and hardware, making it sturdy yet lightweight.

The top and bottom tiers can be used as separate luggage pieces, and the middle tray has plenty of compartments that can be adjusted to fit products of different sizes.

The wheels are detachable and are smooth and silent. The case has a telescopic pull handle for easy maneuvering.


  • Four tiers with plenty of dividers, slots and pull out trays help in the better organization of items.
  • Lightweight body hence easy to handle
  • Detachable wheels that can also be replaced if worn out.


  • The case is smaller in size

Get it here: Stagiant Rolling Makeup Train Case Large Storage trolley

17. Byootique Rolling Makeup Train

This Byootique case is designed for easy carry-on travel. Sized like a regular carry-on bag, it features ample storage on the inside to carry all necessary makeup products and store them securely.

There are seven removable, transparent travel bags inside, including one to hold makeup brushes.

Plenty of pockets and slots have been added all over the bag- both inside and out – that work as extra storage.

The large side pocket has a thermal insulation feature that can help carry products like lipsticks and lotions.

The top of the case has a buckle that lets you attach an additional bag on top. The case is durable and wear-resistant. Being lightweight, it’s also easy to maneuver. It comes with two wheels and a convenient pull-out handle for quick transportation.


  • The seven transparent inner pouches  provide easy accessibility and visibility during the makeup application process.
  • Sturdy construction with flexible storage options, yet lightweight
  • Holds plenty of stuff,and comes with numerous pockets all over.
  • Comfortable to handle and easy to use


  • It comes with only two wheels.

Buy it here: Byootique Rolling Makeup Train

18. Yaheetech 4 in 1 Professional Makeup Train Case

This highly rated makeup organizer has four detachable tiers that can be individually used or combined as needed.

They come with numerous compartments and roomy storage space to house large-sized objects.

The top tier has four accordion-style side trays that can store and display lipsticks, nail polishes, and other smaller items. 

The bottom trays are lined with foam and provide padding to protect delicate products and glass bottles. They also come with adjustable dividers.

The bottom section is nearly 15 inches deep and can be used to store plenty of styling tools and other large items.

The case is versatile and sturdy, with a reinforced aluminum frame, metal corners, heavy-duty hardware, and eight lockable clamps and keys.


  • The detachable wheels are silent and provide a very smooth ride
  • there’s ample space, even extra to store your personal items
  • The case is sturdy, lightweight, and aesthetically appealing
  • The trays are expandable and the bottom trays are quite roomy.


  • Sometimes the latches are difficult to operate 

Get it here: Yaheetech 4 in 1 Professional Makeup Train Case

19. Stagiant Rolling Makeup Train Case cosmetic trolley

This rolling case is highly rated by customers for its beautiful glitter pink diamond body, and for its ability to store plenty of makeup in spacious compartments.

The outer case is made of top-grade plastic, and the pink diamond body even changes color shades when it catches the light at different angles.

The top section has sliding trays that smoothly extend and close and won’t slide out and spill stuff when not in use.

The middle layer has adjustable dividers, and the bottom part is deep enough to hold large objects.

The four 360-degree swivel wheels are detachable and replaceable if needed.

The sections all have locks and keys. Apart from a foam-lined tray to hold nail polishes and lipsticks, this case also has trays lined to store rings and other jewelry.

It is a great pick not just for beauty professionals but for jewelry artists and nail technicians too.


  • A sturdy Aluminum frame and reinforced metal corners ensure durability and stability. 
  • Attractive appearance that catches the eye of clients.
  • Ample storage space, removable inserts and versatile construction. Can be used by professionals belonging to different fields.


  •  The top trays are slightly smaller in size.

Get it here: Stagiant Rolling Makeup Train Case cosmetic trolley

Best large makeup train case

These train cases are for professional makeup artists, hair stylists, and others who prefer/ require carrying an abundance of products to their client meets.

The train cases that offer plenty of storage, versatile organizing features, and easy maneuverability are the features we looked out for when we picked the following cases.

20. Adazzo Professional Makeup Artist Rolling Train Case

This is a professional rolling case with versatile storage systems, including adjustable trays and compartments, sliding drawers, and holders for several items like bottles, brushes, palettes, etc.

The spaces are customizable depending on the type of product you want to store, and it differs from a nail technician to a hairstylist.

But this case is flexible enough to support different needs.

The construction is sturdy, and the materials used are of premium quality.

The swivel wheels make it a very portable case that also can be buckled up and locked.


  • Special features like the hinged doors with extra pockets and elastic bands to store makeup tools, a mirror, and a telescopic handle.
  • The multifunctional product can be used by different people
  • Easy to organize and arrange large quantities of makeup and other products.


  • Drawers are a bit small.

Get it here: Adazzo Professional Makeup Artist Rolling Train Case

21. VIVOHOME 4 in 1 Makeup Rolling Train Case

Thie Vivohome train case is a versatile case that is the perfect storage solution for all beauty professionals. It has four detachable tiers with several compartments, sliding trays, pockets, and slots for storage.

The top layer has a handle and strap for easy portability. 

This case is constructed from premium materials and has reinforced metal edges and corners that make it extra-durable and long-lasting.

The insides have a velvet lining that gives the case a premium finish and also provides added protection to the products. The safety buckles and keys also keep the case secure.


  • ABS body and reinforced aluminum corners ensure the longevity of the case
  • Can be used as a full storage case, as a carry-on bag with a strap, and as a trolley suitcase
  • Can hold up to 66lb of makeup without tipping over
  • Versatile case suitable for professional purposes and home.


  • The sections are not built in, so they could fall out if improperly placed.

Get it here: VIVOHOME 4 in 1 Makeup Rolling Train Case

Best makeup train case with lights

Some train cases double up as makeup stations and come fitted with mirrors and lights in addition to storage. These vanity-style storage cases are beautiful and practical and allow you to wear your makeup anywhere, anytime.

22. Jula Vance Large Makeup Train Case

The train case from Jula Vance comes with a full-screen mirror equipped with LED lights that are dimmable.

The lights are adjustable on the touchscreen and have three modes – white, warm white, and yellow.

The case includes telescopic legs that can be attached to convert the case into a freestanding workstation. Detachable wheels make it easy to carry around.

The case also boasts other features like built-in speakers, a USB slot, and extra outlets for hair tools.

The four storage trays are further divided into many compartments and are perfect for makeup organization. It even has a keyless 3-code password lock for safekeeping.


  • Dual purpose vanity that offers a lot of storage space and a chic rose gold workstation.
  • Plenty of extra features to make it a worthwhile investment
  • Customizable lights to apply makeup in different environments and times of the day.
  • Sturdy, high quality construction.


  • The paint can get scratches that are noticeable

Buy it here:

Kemier has a rose gold case that is stylish yet affordable and can be used in salons, by traveling professionals, and even at home. It has adjustable mirrors and dimmable LED lights. The aluminum-alloy case is well-built,  wear-resistant, and suitable for everyday use.

The case has a lot of storage compartments, retractable trays, and side pockets that can house makeup products of varying sizes. The space at the bottom can accommodate larger makeup palettes and bottles.


  • Freestanding makeup station that is versatile and portable
  • Interchangeable trays help with easy organization
  • Comfortable handle , locks and key
  • Rose gold aluminum frame, leather-like lining on the inside, and metallic hardware gives a luxurious look to the case


  • The case is bulky and not the easiest to carry 

Buy it here: Kemier Makeup Train Case – Cosmetic Organizer Box

24. Chende Black Studio Artist Train Rolling Makeup Case

This all-black makeup travel case is durable and has dimmable lights with a precision light projection feature that projects perfect lighting on the face for makeup application.

There is ample storage space to organize all essential makeup with extendable trays and removable boxes on the inside.


  • Global sockets for international use and a secure locking system
  • Heavy duty case that is sturdy and beautiful
  • Spacious inside to store plenty of items


  • The mirror is not adjustable

Get it here: Chende Black Studio Artist Train Rolling Makeup Case

25. Byootique Pink Rolling Makeup Case

When you combine a storage case, vanity box, and rolling cart into one, you get this magnificent Byootique makeup train case that is perfect for beauty professionals and artists on the go. The 4-piece case has several amazing features like a mirror with dimmable lights, appliance and brush holders, extendable trays, and detachable wheels with brakes.

The case is multifunctional and can be used for product storage and display, as a portable workstation, and even as a rolling suitcase. The PU body with an aluminum frame ensures that the Byootique case is waterproof, fire retardant, and hardwearing.


  • Versatile case with spacious drawers can hold large amounts of  makeup products, hair styling tools, and bottles with plenty of room to spare.
  • 360 degree durable wheels can be removed and replaced, and two wheels come with locks for added stability
  • A high-temperature resistance plate to hold hairdryers, straighteners and other hot tools.


  • Difficult to lift and carry over uneven surfaces and stairs.

Get it here: Byootique Pink Rolling Makeup Case

Conclusion on the best Makeup Train Case

In a rush? ✅ Our #1 Favorite makeup train case is THIS ONE HERE. It is a STUNNING, high-quality rolling and removable makeup train case. Big, versatile, and totally BEAUTIFUL.

A train case is an easy and practical way to not only store makeup but to be able to take it with you wherever you go.

There are many types of train cases available, and it is important to pick one that works well for you and your professional or personal needs.

We have shared the best 25 cases we believe would be worthy of your time and money. Let us know which one works best for you!

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