Best Peach Blushes: Guide & Reviews

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Blush is a great way to add dimension, warmth, and dew to your face in just a few seconds. Whether you like to contour, or you just like a little splash of color on your cheeks, finding a good blush is crucial. 

While a pink blush is the most popular color to choose from, peach blush is a color that has started to gain traction in the makeup world.

But with so many blush options to choose from, it might seem impossible to find the best fit. Plus, how do you know if a peach blush is the best color for your skin tone?

Well, I’m here to answer all of your peach blush questions and highlight a few of my favorite peach powder blushes and cream blushes!

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What Skin Tone is Best for Peach Blush?

Just about anyone can pull off a peach blush, but there are some undertones that peach blush is especially great for. If you have olive skin tone or yellow undertones, peach is the perfect fit for you!

In a rush? My #1 best recommendation for a peach blush is this one here for powder and this one here for cream blush.

Best Powder Peach Blushes

I love a good powder blush, don’t you? Check out a few of my favorite peach powder blushes below. 

1. Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush


  • Healthy: This blush is packed full of amazing and healthy ingredients for your face. First, it is made with Amazonian Clay, plus it has mineral pigments to soothe and soften skin, and Vitamin E, which acts as a natural antioxidant. 
  • Blends Seamlessly: One of the reasons why people love this blush is because it blends seamlessly with the rest of your makeup, for a subtle pop of color. 


  • Lightly Pigmented: This blush does not have high pigmentation, so if you want bold color, this might not be the best fit for you. 

2. Jaclyn Cosmetics Rouge Romance Blush Palette

six peach blushes Jaclyn cosmetics palette


  • Variety of Shades: This blush palette does not just come with a peach blush, but it comes with 6 gorgeous shades to choose from. 
  • Stunning Matte Finish: All of these shades have buildable coverage and a beautiful matte finish. 


  • Not Long-Lasting: While this is a highly-pigmented palette, some customers found that the color did not last all day on their face, and faded throughout the day. 

3. Bobbi Brown Clementine Blush


  • Silky Smooth: Even though this is a powder blush, it goes on silky smooth and doesn’t feel cakey or heavy on your face. 
  • Natural Look: Another reason why makeup lovers like this blush is because of how natural it looks. If you want a subtle blush that makes your face look naturally flush, this is the best fit for you! 


  • Not a Lot of Product: The biggest con that customers found in this blush is that it does not come with a lot of product. Plus, it is on the spendier side, which some customers found to be a deterrent. 

4. Milani Baked Blush


  • Shimmer Galore: I had to find a few of my favorite sparkly blushes for all of my shimmer-obsessed makeup lovers out there! I love this blush because it has a gorgeous shimmer, but it isn’t too sparkly. 
  • Highly-Pigmented: If you want a blush that has a punch of color, this is it. It is highly pigmented, so you don’t need to apply a lot to create a bold look!


  • Feels Heavy: Some customers complained that this blush feels heavy on their faces. So if you are doing a full face of makeup, this blush might not be the best fit for you. 

5. Palladio Matte Blush


  • Infused with Goodness: This is another blush that is filled with amazing ingredients. It is made with aloe, apricot oil, ginseng, chamomile, and more! All of these ingredients work to heal and nourish your skin while looking flawless!
  • Soft Finish: This blush has a gorgeous matte finish that erases fine lines and wrinkles and leaves your skin looking soft and supple. 


  • Lack of Color Accuracy: Some customers found that this blush turned out to be a different shade than what they saw online. So, make sure to read the reviews to have a full understanding of what shade you are buying!

6. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush


  • Lightweight: This blush isn’t called “dream bouncy” for nothing. It feels extremely lightweight on your face, so it is easy to blend and build!
  • Best of Cream and Powder: This blush isn’t technically a powder, but it isn’t quite a cream either. It is a revolutionary powder-gel formula that goes on like a powder but feels like a cream.


  • No Product Pickup: While this blush is great, some customers struggled to actually get the product out of the container. This means that very little product actually gets on your blush brush. So it might take a few attempts to enjoy this product!

7. Pure Ziva Sheer Chiffon Blush


  • Made for Sensitive Skin: This blush is non-comedogenic, and it is dermatologist-approved, so it is made with sensitive skin in mind. Plus, it has no parabens, or talc. 
  • Blends Easily: This blush is easy to apply and blends in well, so no worrying about caking or feeling heavy. 


  • Light Color: Some makeup lovers complained that this blush color was too faint and did not show up very well on their skin. 

8. Ucanbe Blusher Palette


  • Waterproof: Having a waterproof blush is extremely helpful during harsh winter or summer weather. Whether you are sweating or freezing, this blush will not budge!
  • Lots of Shades: This palette doesn’t just come with one peach shade, but a variety of peaches and pinks to fit whatever your blush mood is. 


  • Not Made for Sensitive Skin: Those of us who have sensitive skin should avoid this blush, as it has been known to cause breakouts. 

9. elf Primer-Infused Blush


  • A Blush with Coverage: Since this blush is infused with primer, it offers coverage and a pop of color, all in one! Plus you can use it to contour, and it blends easily!
  • Rich Colors: This blush has beautiful rich colors that light up your face!


  • Can’t be Heavy-Handed: Since this blush has rich colors, it also means you have to be light-handed when it comes to application, or it might look too unnatural. 

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Best Cream Peach Blushes

Cream blushes feel smooth on your face, and usually, last much longer than powder blushes. Since they are so many people’s go-to blush types, I had to list a few of my favorite peach blushes!

10. Stila Convertible Color peach Blush

Stila peach cream blush


  • Natural Look: There is no shimmer in this blush, so it is perfect if you are looking for a more natural look. They also have two peach shades (Gerbera and Petunia) so you can find the perfect shade for you!
  • Nourishing Base: Since this blush has a wax base, it feels nourishing on your skin, instead of drying it out like some blushes tend to do. 


  • Sticky: One popular con with this blush is that it feels sticky when applying and after application. Some felt like it went on more like a lipstick than blush.

11. Honest Beauty Creme Blush


  • 2-in-1: This blush can also double as lipstick, so it is perfect if you are looking for a product that does double duty! Plus, it blends seamlessly for a dewy finish.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: There aren’t many makeup products that care as much about the environment as Honest Beauty products. This blush is made from 100% tree-free paper cartons, and it is vegan and cruelty-free!


  • Not Made for Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, you might want to try another one of my favorite blushes, as this one has caused breakouts for some makeup lovers with especially sensitive skin. 

12. Morphe 2 Wondertint Cheek and Lip Mousse

morphe peach cream blush


  • Buildable: If you want a cream blush that you can build on, this is definitely the one for you. It goes on light, so you can build and contour easily with this blush!
  • Creamy: While we are looking at my favorite peach cream blushes, I have to say that this blush is the creamiest. It self-categorizes as a mousse instead of a cream blush because of how smooth and supple it feels on your skin!


  • Inconvenient Packaging: While the product itself is praised, the packaging of this blush makes it difficult to get out all of the product. Some customers complained that some of the product was wasted due to poor packaging. 

13. L’Oreal Paris Cream Blush Stick


  • Long-Lasting: this blush stick stays on all day long without smudging or fading. Plus, the vibrant color stays in place no matter what you face throughout the day!
  • Brightening: This cream blush is made with brightening pigments to leave your face glowing and it easily brightens your complexion. 


  • Hard to Blend: One complaint about this blush is that it can be difficult to blend, so you may get a bolder look than you expect with this blush. I Personally don’t find this blush hard to blend.

14. L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush


  • Perfect for Mature Skin: This blush is specially designed to blur fine lines and wrinkles, and customers agree. It doesn’t crease and it actually makes your face look more youthful!
  • Dewy: Part of the reason why so many people love this blush is because it leaves your skin looking and feeling dewy! This blush looks natural and healthy on your face. 


  • Heavy: While this product is great if you use a little bit, if you use a lot, it might look and feel heavy on your skin. 

15. Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint


  • Multi-Use: The options for this blush are endless. You can use it as a lipstick, to contour, and even as an eyeshadow! 
  • Moisturizes: This cheek tint is made with bamboo extract and natural plant waxes, so it is formulated to moisturize and hydrate your skin. This also leaves your face looking dewy and fresh! 


  • Strong Smell: While this cheek tint lasts long, some makeup lovers did not like its strong chemical smell. 

16. Maybelline Glisten Blush Stick


  • Subtle Shimmer: If you want just a hint of shimmer, this blush stick is the perfect fit for you. It has a subtle shimmer that catches the light just right and adds a pop of sparkle on your face!
  • Glides on Easily: This blush glides on your face easily, and is easy to blend and build with, so it is perfect for makeup lovers! 


  • Bright Colors: If bright colors are not your thing, this might not be the blush for you. It has beautiful bright colors that will stand out and draw attention to your face, which is a great fit for some, but not for others. 

Conclusion on the Best Peach Blushes

My #1 best recommendation for a peach blush is this one here for powder and this one here for cream blush.

For my olive skin-toned and yellow undertone makeup lovers out there, this peach blush list will be your best friend when it comes to finding the best blush for you.

However, using a peach blush on ANY SKIN TONE or UNDERTONE is always a good idea to bring some freshness and youthfulness to the skin!

Whether you love a powder or cream, rich or subtle color, shimmer or matte, there is a blush on this list for you!

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Best Peach Blushes: Guide and reviews

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