Easy Minnie Mouse Makeup Costume (For adults & kids!)

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If you are looking for an easy Minnie mouse makeup for adults and a little girl, you are in the right place!

Here’s my simple way to do a cute DIY Minnie mouse makeup costume for toddlers and adults with step-by-step instructions and tips!

This easy Minnie mouse makeup costume is perfect for a costume party or simply to have some fun!

I loved the result, and my little toddler was more than excited about her Makeup!

Easy minnie mouse makeup custome and tutorial

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Minnie Mouse Makeup: Materials

For this tutorial, I’m using a body and face paint palette that I got from amazon.

If you love to have fun with you or your little one, this palette is a MUST-HAVE! It’s a makeup essential for basically everyone, in my opinion.

It’s super versatile, you can get creative and make amazing makeup looks for costumes,

mixing the primary colors with your foundation (to fix or create any shade), and the sky is the limit when you have the primary colors!

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I’m also using a set of flat makeup brushes of different sizes and a makeup sponge.

In case you don’t have a primary colors face and body paint palette like the one I recommend above,

you can try to recreate this Minnie mouse makeup look using what you have!


  • Black Mascara
  • Black gel eyeliner
  • Black crayon eyeliner
  • white pencil eyeliner
  • red or rose cream blush
  • White and black eyeshadows
  • Color eyeshadows

And of course, to finish this cute Minnie mouse makeup custom look, you’ll also need:

  • Red Lispstick (or pink)
  • Lip gloss (optional)
  • False Eyelashes (optional)
  • black pen eyeliner
  • Glitter

Minnie Mouse Makeup Custome for Adults

I’m starting by doing my eye makeup.

This is totally optional because it doesn’t interfere with the Minnie mouse makeup costume,

but I found it cute and can even look sexy depending on the eye makeup that you decide!

Step 1. Natural Eyeshadow Makeup

Natural Eyeshadow Makeup as a base for the Minnie mouse makeup look
Natural Eyeshadow Makeup as a base for the Minnie mouse makeup look

1.I applied a light brown shade as a transition shade on my crease area and another shimmery gold/neutral shade all over my lid.

2.I also highlighted the inner corner of the eye and applied white pencil eyeliner on my lower waterline.

3.I did my winged eyeliner as regular with a black pen eyeliner and used a white liquid eyeliner to make a line right below my wing.

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4. I finished the eye with this pair of false eyelashes! You can also curl your lashes and apply mascara, but I definitely love the false eyelashes look on a Makeup costume!

Step 2. Apply your Makeup Foundation

Lately, I’ve been using (and LOVING) my SHEGLAM foundation, and literally, I’m using it every day, and today was no different.

I’m applying my foundation as always and setting it with my translucent powder.

Step 3. Blush your face!

I’m using the rose pink tone that comes in the body and face paint palette to make this blush more intense than regular.

I used a makeup sponge to blend the blush, concentrating the most color in my cheeks with a circular shape.

Step 4. Make 3 lines on each cheek.

Take a precise small makeup brush and the color black on your palette (some alternatives could be a black pencil eyeliner, black eyeshadow, or both)

and make 3 fine lines that will be our Minnie mouse whiskers!

Those should look like this:

Easy minnie mouse makeup step by step tutorial

Step 5. Minnie Mouse Nose

Now using the same makeup brush and the black color, make a round shape in the tip of your nose.

I’m doing the shape first and then fill it in with the same black color.

You can set your nose with black eyeshadow to make it last longer and look more intense.

Step 6. Let’s make it cuter!

Take some white color from your body paint palette and a precise brush (this kit here comes with a makeup brush kit!)

and make three cute dots in between the three mouse whiskers we just created.

Also, make a small white line on the side of the black nose to make it more realistic and cute!

like this:

I also added a beautiful metallic glitter in my cheeks to make it look more shimmery and pretty, but this is totally optional!

Step 7. The Minnie Mouse Lips

Now for the lips, I’m using a RED lipstick, and I tried to make my mouth look fuller and smaller.

What I did was, overline my lips in the center and avoid getting the lip liner to my mouth corner so my mouth will look rounder than usual.

I also applied my clear lip gloss, which I love!

Easy Minnie Mouse makeup costume for Adults: Final Result

Minnie mouse makeup costume for adults

I’m wearing a fabulous polka dots dress from amazon and a cute pair of Minnie mouse ears that came with the Minnie mouse gloves and the mouse tail!

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Easy Minnie Mouse Makeup Tutorial for Kids (TUTORIAL)

My baby is obsessed with Minnie Mouse and she also loves that mommy does her Makeup,

so I recreated this simple Minnie mouse makeup costume for her!

And I have a step-by-step tutorial for you here.

Step 1. The Minnie mouse nose

To start, I use a little bit of red and white to make a blush shade.

I applied it on her cheeks with a makeup sponge as a base.

After that, I use a precision brush with the color black from my color palette and started to make the shape of the Minnie mouse nose.

I filled it in once I liked the shape and set it with a black powder eyeshadow.

Step 2. Minnie Mouse whiskers

I took the same precision brush and the black color to make 3 whiskers on each cheek.

You can also use liquid eyeliner, or a black pencil eyeliner but try to make it look dark.

Step 3. White touches

I’m adding white touches to the makeup to make it look more vivid and cute.

I added three dots on each of her cheeks and a white line on one side of the nose.

This cute little model loves everything about glitter, so I also added glitter on her cheeks for this Minnie Mouse makeup!

Step 4. Eyeliner

I also added a simple winged black eyeliner using the same black color

from the palette and the same precision brush.

I added a white line below the wing.

Step 5. Minnie Mouse Lips

for the lips, I overline the lips of my little model in a heart shape and without touching the corners of her mouth to make her mouth look fuller and smaller.

This is the face of the model once she looks at herself in the mirror!

She is wearing a beautiful Minnie Mouse dress we got her on Amazon to finish her costume. And of course these cute minnie mouse ears.

Minnie Mouse Makeup Tutorial: Final Results

We really enjoyed creating this super simple but cute Minnie mouse makeup costume, this is perfect for a costumes party or simply to spend a good time at home recreating this look!

I hope you found this easy Minnie mouse makeup tutorial helpful, and please let me know in the comments below what do you think about it!

I’d love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to pin this post for later, and share it with others!

Valeria H.

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Easy Minnie Mouse Makeup Costume (For adults & kids!)

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