The Ultimate Makeup Tutorial for Wide-set Eyes (Secret Hacks)

woman with wide set eyes

The Ultimate Makeup Tutorial for Wide-set Eyes (Secret Hacks)

Eyes of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and yours are no exception.

If you have wide-set eyes and want to amp up your beauty quotient, a little bit of eye makeup can be the magic you need!

With the right tools and techniques, you can find a look that works best for your eyes.

There are oodles of makeup videos and tutorials out there with very innovative ideas on how to create stunning eye looks.

But makeup is hardly a one-style-fits-all solution, and what looks attractive on somebody with average or close-set eyes may not look equally fetching on your wide-set beauties.

Sometimes it is the opposite technique that will work for you!

The best eye makeup is that which complements your specific eye shape. If you have wide-set eyes, there are many makeup hacks that can help create a look that suits you nicely.

We have gathered some great tips for you in this article regarding makeup for wide-set eyes and easy ways to get your eyes to look sensational. 

So keep reading and make sure to take notes!

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How to know if you have wide-set eyes

There are a variety of eye shapes and sizes, and chances are you fall into one or more of these categories of eye types.

Different metrics determine this, such as the size of your eyes, distance from each other, position (upward or downward), depth (deep-set, protruding), and so on.

Finding a fitting makeup style begins with correctly identifying your eye type. So, how do you go about deciding whether you have wide-set eyes or not?

You start by measuring the length of an eye from the inner to the outer corner. Next, measure the distance between both eyes. The general rule of thumb is that if you find the distance between the eyes greater than the length of the eye, you probably have wide-set eyes.

In other words, if you have wide-set eyes, you have enough space to put a third eye in between your two eyes.

But let this not bother you.

You share your unique eye shape with celebrities like Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Brandy Norwood, and many others.

Wide eyes are considered very desirable and attractive, and even makeup artists love them, as a gorgeous set of wide eyes makes their job a lot easier!

That said, it is understandable if you do not wish to draw attention to your eyes or prefer less space between them. There are many easy makeup solutions that you can try to transform the way your eyes appear.

How to apply makeup for wide-set eyes

You will find it a lot easier to apply makeup to wide-set eyes than say, close-set eyes, because you have a bit of room to play around.

There are no rules for makeup and you have the freedom to wear any style you want, but many makeup artists agree that wide-set eyes look most beautiful when they are not over-emphasized.

Here are the things you need to apply eye makeup (not a definitive list):

  • Eyeshadow (preferably a neutral palette like this one) and brushes
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyepencil
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Mascara

And here are a few makeup tips to try out:

Wide-set eyes Makeup: Neutral colors on your lids

Start with neutral eyeshadows, especially if you are a makeup novice, concentrating on darker colors on the inside and lighter on the outside.

That is quite the opposite of what many makeup videos suggest! Light-colored eyeshadows make a space look bigger, and dark colors do the opposite, making it look small.

Wide-set eyes Makeup: Create illusions

The idea is to bring your eyes together, so using darker (nothing too harsh) eyeshadows, start from the inner eye corner and extend the color towards the nose and the inner eyebrow area, creating an illusion of a smaller space.

Wide-set eyes Makeup: Highlight and blend

Apply darker shades to the crease and blend it up to the browbone and the outer eye corner, but take care not to extend it too far out.

Blend inwards for closer-looking eyes. You can add some highlighter shadow to the outer corners of the eyes, but make sure to blend them well with the darker shadow.

Wide-set eyes Makeup: Let’s not forget the lower lash line

Take the colors down to the lower lashes. Line the waterline with a soft pencil. Blend everything well with a fluffy blending brush to blur any harsh lines and make the colors look smooth and seamless.

Wide-set eyes Makeup: Eyeliner is your friend

Use eyeliner on both top and bottom lashes and the inner corners to further create a close-set effect (keep scrolling below for more on that).

Wide-set eyes Makeup: Work on your brows

Fill in the eyebrows for a fuller look. A soft, thick eyebrow looks great on its own and additionally brings more definition to your eye area.

Adding a few strokes on the inside area of your eyebrows could make your eyes appear together as well!

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Wide-set eyes Makeup: Add some mascara

Apply a few coats of mascara for voluminous lashes.

With wide eyes, you do not need to pull the lashes outwards for a flared look, as they can make the eyes extend to the sides.

A better technique is to apply mascara by going slightly inwards or straight up so that the lashes look centered. 

How to make wide-set eyes appear together

If you feel self-conscious about your wide-set eyes and are always on the lookout for ways to make them appear together, there are multiple techniques you can try out.

As we saw in the previous section, makeup is one of the easiest ways to achieve your preferred look.

A key thing to remember with eye makeup is the placement of colors.

“…Darker colors in the center and inner eye area take focus away from the center of your face and make your eyes appear closer.

Makeup Expert

Your eyebrows can also contribute by neutralizing the extra space.

If your eyebrows are farther apart, add or draw some hairs on the inner sides of your brows to extend them inwards and fill them in so that they appear thicker.

These full-looking brows define your eyes and tie the whole look together.

Add false lashes or get lash extensions to define the shape of your eyes.

Choose a uniform lash style and not the flared type to make the lashes look fuller in the center.

There are several makeup videos and vlogs that can teach you how to apply makeup to wide-set eyes. Follow celebrities and makeup vloggers whose eyes resemble your own for some wonderful ideas you can try!

Eyeliner for wide-set eyes

Eyeliner is a great tool that will make your wide-set eyes sparkle and bring intensity to your makeup look.

With some specific application techniques (given below with images), eyeliner can help add drama to wide-set eyes while drawing unwanted attention away from the space between them. 

Fill in between the lashes

When using eyeliner, draw the line as close as possible to the lash line to minimize any gaps showing up. With the help of an eye pencil, color the base or underside of the lashes as well, as this helps close the gap between them.

woman with wide set eyes wearing eyeliner

Line corner to corner

Line the lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner, but take care not to extend the line beyond the outer corner to avoid even more elongated eyes. Line the waterline with a pencil liner for a sharper look.

“…Do not extend your eyeliner beyond the outer corner, to avoid even more elongated eyes”

Add in thicker lines.

With wide-set eyes, you can get away with thick lines on your lashline. Rather than dragging the eyeliner for a winged effect, it is better to taper it off at the outer eye corner. 

Eyeliner Tips for Wide-set eyes AND wing-lover

Cat-eyes and winged eyes are popular trends that everyone loves, but these styles could add more width to your eye area.

If you still want a wing, do not despair. Go for a shorter wing style that is pointed slightly upwards (like a fox-eye). You could also balance it off by extending the inner eye and creating a reverse cat-eye look. 

foxy eyeliner for wide set eyes

There are a lot of ways you could experiment with your eyes. Makeup artists recommend using eyeliner only on the inner halves of the upper and lower lashlines for those with wide-set eyes.

Intensifying the color in the interior eye corner and coloring the waterline will give the illusion of a closer-looking space.

Final thoughts on best Makeup for Wide set eyes

With so many beauty products, tutorials, and suggestions to choose from, it’s easy to get lost and confused about what’s ideal for you. What’s important is to remember that makeup is supposed to work for you, not the other way around!

It all starts with correctly identifying your eye type. If you figure out that you indeed have wide-set eyes, the next step would be to follow some of the makeup techniques that specifically suit your eyes, like the ones suggested in this article.

The goal when applying makeup to wide-set eyes is to create an illusion that they look closer than they actually are. Even basic makeup items can help you create the incredible eye looks you desire.

When it comes to makeup, the possibilities are endless. The key is to understand your unique eye shape and find the techniques that work for you!

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