Best Makeup for Green dress (Guide + Looks)

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Makeup for a Green Dress

There are so many gorgeous shades of green out there, which means rocking a stunning emerald green dress or a mint pantsuit is a fun way to add color to your look.

But green is also a tricky color to pair a good makeup look with.

Which colors clash? What makeup look is best for a green dress? What should you avoid? 

Today, I am answering all of these questions and more.

You’ll learn exactly what makeup look is best for which shade of green, a few of my favorite makeup looks to go with any green, and a few makeup tricks and tips to help you pull your whole look together. 

woman wearing makeup for a green dress

Makeup Idea #1: Basic Neutral Soft Glam

This makeup is my favorite! It looks good with a green dress, but it looks good with ANY dress IMO.

However, brown always look good with green based on theory of color.

These two are both earthy tones that naturally pair well together.

It’s just beautiful and classy!

Makeup Idea #2: Elegance and Red Lips

If you are on the mood of a more full glam look, instead of keeping the tunes neutral

add a red lipstick to your makeup look!

Based on the theory of color, RED and GREEN are complementary colors.

This means that one color can enhance the other visually when used next to the other.

Like red lips + green dress.

You can get more info on color theory for makeup in our free guide here.

Makeup Idea #4: Golden Smokey Eye

Another good idea to try if you are looking for a full glam makeup look!

This is your traditional smokey eye (with theinstensiyt of your preference, it can be either black or dark brown)


with a touch of golden eyeshadow.

It could be glitter, or just a golden metallic shade.

Makeup Idea #5: Golden Halo Eye

Green and golden are good colors to pair together.

Another eyeshadow technique to try with them is the HALO EYESHADOW.

Which consists on adding dimension and depth to the corners with a darker shade and highglithe the center of the eye with an intense shimmer, glitter or just a lighter shade.

In this case, with a golden metallic shade.

If you have hooded eyes, I teach you the Halo eyeshadow technique step by step in this free guide.

now that we have got some inspiration with makeup ideas to try with our green dress,

let’s talk about some tips and tricks to consider and what colors to try AVOID.

What Kind of Green Should I Wear?

I’ve written many times about how important your undertones are to the kind of makeup that you wear.

In fact, your undertones can influence your entire makeup look!

But did you know the same is true when it comes to the clothes you wear?

If you have cooler undertones and/or a fair skin tone, a rich emerald dress will look best for you.

If you have warmer undertones and/or darker skin tone, I recommend a lighter green. 

But, don’t let the common recommendations stop you!

At the end of the day, pick the shade of green that is going to make you look and feel the best.

Additionally, I always recommend trying something out of the box. If your closet is filled with one shade of green, the next time you go shopping, try on a different shade to see if it suits you.

I have makeup tips for every shade of green, so no matter what color you choose, you will know the best makeup look for you!

What Kind Of Makeup Goes With A Green Dress? 

The first question you might be wondering is, what kind of makeup goes with a green dress?

Well, there isn’t one specific makeup look that is perfect for a green dress, and that is because there are so many different shades to choose from. But, there are a few colors that I would not recommend with your green dress.

Avoid Orange

orange eyeshadow

If you’ve studied color at all, you know that orange is at the top of the list when it comes to colors that do not traditionally go well together.

This color is especially important to avoid when it comes your lips. Some lipsticks tend to lean a little closer on the orange side, but that is something you want to avoid if you are rocking a green dress.

Plus, try to avoid any orange eyeshadow as well, as it will clash with your dress.

Avoid Red Lips

While I love a red lip, if you go for a bold red lip and a green dress, you might look a little more like a Christmas Hallmark card than you intend to.

If you really love a red lip, I suggest choosing a darker red, like burgundy or wine to best complement your green dress.

woman wearing green eyeshadow with wine bold lips

Blue Makeup

Since blue and green are so similar on the color spectrum, it is generally recommended to avoid this pairing.

However, there are a few occasions when you can rock a blue makeup look with a green dress. If you do want to try this color combo, make sure to pick contrasting colors.

For example, you would not want to pair a light blue and a lime green color. Since both of those colors are light and bright, they would clash.

Instead you can pair that same lime green with a navy blue. This contrast will look a little more modern while still feeling bold and colorful. 

Now that you know a few colors that you should avoid, check out a few of the general makeup tips to follow when it comes to green outfits below. 

blue, green and golden loose eyeshadows

Best Makeup Tips for a Green Dress

If you aren’t quite sure what shade of green you will be wearing, I’ve included a few general rules of thumb to follow when it comes to makeup and a green dress.

Green Eyeshadow

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If you really want to wear a green eyeshadow, make sure to match it exactly to the color of your green dress/jumpsuit. If you pick something that is too light or too dark, it will clash with your outfit. 
This green eyeshadow palette here includes all the shades of green you would want! and have a really GREAT pigmentation, which is exactly what we want when we are wearing green eyeshadow.

Avoid too Much Green

It might seem fun to go for an entirely green look, but you might end up looking like the St. Patrick’s Day aisle at a drugstore if you do. A green eyeshadow or eyeliner is okay, but don’t wear both at the same time. 

A pop of color with green eyeliner is also a great option to do when you are wearing a green dress!

This pen green eyeliner here is the easiest way to rock a beautiful green eyeliner in minutes.

Bold Eye

If you want a bold eye with your look, I recommend adding a bit more eyeliner to the outer edge of your eye. This will create a gorgeous contrast with your green look! 

Golden Touch

green eyeshadow with a touch of golden

While gold will typically look best with a darker green, adding a touch of gold will add a gorgeous contrast to any green look. Gold is such a beautiful color to match with green, both in jewelry and in makeup, so I highlight recommend it. Create a stunning gold lid, or a subtle sparkle in your cheeks to really tie this look together. 

Nude Shades all Day

woman wearing nude eyeshadow makeup for green dress

Nude shades are always the safest bet when it comes to green dresses. When you go for a nude look, you allow your clothing to do all of the talking. So, if you are in a rush and aren’t sure which makeup look to try, you can trust any nude look to complement your dress without clashing!

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Light Green Makeup Looks

If you love a mint or lime green dress, here are a few of the best makeup tips and tricks for you!

Mint Dress Makeup

Makeup tips for mint green dress

If you are wearing a mint dress/look, I suggest pairing this with a softer pink look. Choose a soft pink or peach for your cheeks and lips for a pastel look.

This cute pink lip and cheek will do the work amazingly!

TIP: If you want to upgrade this look from soft to bold, I suggest adding a thick black eyeliner. This will really make your eyes pop, and it is especially fun with this soft-colored dress!

Lime Dress Makeup

A lime dress is a bold and summery look that is a lot of fun!

If you want to take your bold dress to the next level, pair it with thick lashes and a purple eyeshadow (check this amazing purple eyeshadow palette, I rarely see a good purple eyeshadow and this one does amazing work).

This will create a modern contrast that is bold and beautiful. Finally, pair it either with a matte fuchsia or a nude matte lipstick to create a modern and gorgeous look. 

My favorite (and affordable!) fuchsia matte lipstick is this one by Maybelline! and this one here is my favorite nude shade from that collection as well!

Emerald Green Makeup Looks

A darker green dress is absolutely gorgeous to wear to a formal event or a date night.

This shade is eye-catching and extremely popular right now. If you have a few emerald or jade outfits in your closet that you have been dying to try out, pair them with these makeup looks.

Jade Green Dress Makeup

This elegant color is an amazing shade to wear for a formal event or a night on the town. To complement this look, create a gorgeous smokey eye and a simple nude lipstick! 

Emerald Green Dress Makeup

This is one of my favorite shades of green. It is so elegant and absolutely eye-catching, so you want to have an equally eye-catching look to go with it. A gold eye is an amazing compliment to this color, and you can go with a nude lipstick or a rich maroon lip!

This eyeshadow palette here has one of the best golden eyeshadow I have ever seen! It is highly pigmented and shimmery! Perfect combo for that beautiful emerald green dress.

Forest Green Makeup Looks

A more natural green (forest or olive) is amazing for any green-eyed ladies and anyone who wants to try a new color!

Olive Dress Makeup

For an olive look, I recommend pairing it with a matte cherry nude lip and a winged eyeliner. This will make a muted color look a little bolder and brighter! 

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Forest Green Dress

With such a dark color like forest green, having the right makeup look is essential. I suggest a subtle smokey eye to create a mysterious look that will draw someone to your gorgeous eyes without drawing attention away from your forest outfit. 

neutral smokey eye makeup for green dress

Final thoughts on Best Makeup tips for Green Dress

It may seem daunting at first when figuring out the perfect makeup look to go with your gorgeous green look.

Since green is such a bold and beautiful color, some colors and makeup looks just don’t work well together.

Luckily, no matter what shade of green you choose, there is a makeup look for you in this article.

Whether you are rocking a pastel face with a mint dress, a bold burgundy lip and gold eye with an emerald dress, or a subtle smokey eye with your forest jumpsuit, I hope this article gave you a bit more guidance and clarity into exactly what makeup look will fit your green outfit best!

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