How to Fake a face-lift with makeup: Face-lift Concealer Hack Tutorial

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How can I make my face look lifted with makeup? Face-lift Concealer Hack Tutorial

If you are wondering how to make your face look more lifted in a super easy, natural way and without spending on derma fillers treatments, you are in the right place!

Face lifting beauty treatments tend to be expensive, and as a makeup artist with hooded eyelids, I’m always trying tips to make my face look lifted with makeup.

I also think this is super beneficial for more mature skins than mine to make them look younger! 

So, this time I tried the very popular TikTok facelift concealer hack that promises to lift your face with makeup using concealer, blush, and bronzer.

And I prepared this step-by-step face-lift makeup tutorial for you! Plus other tips you can easily try on your eyeshadow and eyelashes makeup! 

concealer hack to lift up your face with makeup

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Step #1 Apply Concealer on the High points

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Start with applying your foundation as usual and then apply your concealer on strategic areas on your face, which are: 

  • Mouth corners 
  • Outer corners of your undereye area towards your hairline
  • The inner corner of your eye in the tear duct area
  • and add some around your nose

Face lifting concealer hack
Face lifting concealer hack placement

PRO TIP: To pick the right concealer shade for this step, you need to use more like a highlighter concealer shade than your regular concealer. 

So if you use a concealer that is 2-3 lighter than your skin tone, I would use a concealer even lighter than that and with a white/yellow undertone more than a pink/salmon.

I’m using the Tarte shape tape concealer in the shade of light-mid honey.

Don’t blend anything at this point because we want to use the concealer lines as a guide for the next steps.

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Step #2 How to lift your face with Blush

It’s super important how you apply blush depending on your face shape and the finish desired.

With blush, you can make your makeup look cute, sexy, or in this case, lifted.

Don’t go with the regular blush application of smiling, and then apply your blush on your cheeks right where you would naturally blush. 

That blush technique is still a good way to apply your blush, but for this tutorial, where we want to make our cheeks, eyes, and face look more lifted, we need to do the next:

  • Use a cream/liquid blush instead of powder blush
  • Use a precise liquid makeup brush like this one instead of your regular blush brush
  • Apply your blush right below your concealer (usually in this area we would be applying the highlighter, but we want our blush to be really high!)
blush application to fake a facelift
blush application to fake a facelift

I’m using the Sheglam cream to powder blush in this shade.

Later in the post, I will be sharing how to apply your highlighter to lift your face as well.

Check my full face makeup tutorial using ONLY Sheglam Makeup and my complete review about their products!

Step #3 Apply a cream bronzer

Same as with blush. Forget all the bronzer or contour techniques you have followed before. 

For this instant face-lifting makeup tutorial, we want to use a cream bronzer/contour.

(I’m using the lighter contour shade of this ELF palette) and with a flat brush (like this one), do the next: 

  • Apply some cream bronzer on the side of your forehead half-inch above your eyebrows.
  • Apply some cream bronzer just below the blush that we just applied. Without taking the bronzer/contour so low and touching the concealer line, we did from the mouth to the hairline.
  •  With a smaller brush like this one here, apply a tiny bit on the outer corner of the eye towards your hairline.
Fake face lift using contour

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Step #4 Blending

Now is time to blend!

Take a foundation brush like this one here and start with blending the concealer. After that, blend your blush and finish with the bronzer/contour.

I’m also using a wet makeup sponge to blend everything perfectly, just to make sure the brush doesn’t leave any harsh lines. 

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Step #5 How to lift your eyes with Makeup

I have a complete eyeshadow makeup tutorial with all my tips and tricks to lift up hooded eyes/hooded eyelids. 

and another one especially for deep-set eyes (if you don’t know the difference, I highly recommend going on that article where I explained with details how to know if you have hooded eyes or deep-set eyes)

So here, I will share with you a simple technique using the same concealer, blush, and bronzer we use for the face.

Have you tried the multifunctional blush technique? I love to use some of my tint/liquid blushes as eyeshadow and for the lips as well.

Here we are going to do something similar but with the “face-lifting” in mind.

how to lift your eyes with makeup

Add some color

Apply liquid blush in the outer corner of your eye, almost like a cat eyeliner but wider.

Blend it upwards right above the concealer line we define with the last steps.

Add some dimension

Make a straight, elongated line with your cream bronzer in an upwards direction. 

In my case, my line slightly touches the end of my eyebrow, and that’s okay!

Because we want to “fake” a face, lifting and following our natural eye shape or eyebrow shape will not make us get the result. 

After that, blend everything again in an upwards direction without blending the concealer line.

You can always retouch or reapply your concealer to define and lift even more than that area.

I tried the Siren eyes trend on my HOODED EYES, and it definitely helped a lot to lift my eye! Here’s the step-by-step Siren eyes tutorial (vs the classic Smokey eye)

Eyes lifting Eyelashes!

We can definitively finish this look more naturally without using false eyelashes, but honestly, they make a HUGE difference! 

So if you really want that fake face-lifting effect, I highly recommend getting a pair of false eyelashes with longer lashes at the outer corner of the eye than the inner corner like these lashes here from sheglam. (super affordable price btw!)

You can check my favorite false eyelashes for beginners with a complete false eyelashes step-by-step tutorial or this guide on magnetic false lashes and eyeliner here.

While I’m doing this tutorial, I’m wearing permanent individual false eyelashes.

What I did, was apply mascara only to the outer lashes in an upwards direction, so all the attention goes to my elongated effect instead of the center of the eye.

How do you apply highlighter to lift your face?

To lift your face using a highlighter, start with a liquid highlighter and apply it on the highest point of your cheek towards your hairline in an upwards direction, on the tip of your nose, in the cupid bone, and in the inner corner of the eye.

Try to center the highlighter almost on your hairline more than in your cheeks, right above you just applied your blush.

So blush and highlighter can mix together and create a flawless, even effect.

Highlighter application to fake a face lift

Final touches to fake a facelift

At this point, we just apply creams and liquids. So it’s time to set everything well.

What I like to do is take my translucent powder and apply it on my most problematic areas like the T-zone, a little bit under my eyes, and use what is left on the brush to set the rest of my face.

You don’t need to powder all your makeup or make it matte, but setting your makeup is a good habit, so it lasts longer.

Check my complete guide on how to make your makeup last 24 hours or more, even if you don’t have “long-lasting” products.


What we want to do with lips is to grab attention to them and make them look more prominent but only in the center.

You can use nude lipstick and apply some of your blush to the center of your lips.

I used my sheglam liquid lipstick and applied a little bit of a red lip tint right in the center.

So they look fuller and with some color “naturally” without using a full red lipstick.


Conclusion on how to fake a face lifting using makeup

I personally don’t like the idea of spending hundreds on a beauty treatment that is not permanent (I really respect other people’s thoughts about this), and finding a great way to make my face look lifted without surgery or fillers is amazing!

I also use regularly use other tips and tricks with my eye makeup that combine perfectly with this full-face face-lifting concealer hack.

That I would say is an easy way to play with makeup and make you look sexy, with model-like faces and eyes in minutes!

Did I miss something on this face-lifting tutorial? Let me know what you think about this technique, And feel free to add more tips so we can help each other as a community.

Also, share it with others, and don’t forget to pin it for later!


tiktok face lifting concealer hack tutoruial

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