SHEGLAM Honest Review: I tried a full face makeup using ONLY Sheglam

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I’m a shein customer! I’m actually one of those who recommend to my family and friends their clothes and other things they sell because I think they are good quality and inexpensive. (not ALL the clothes) but definitely, you can find a goodie most of the time. Then…

SHEIN launched a beauty and makeup brand! In the beginning, I was skeptical.

I was wondering (and probably so are you), Is sheglam makeup good? Is sheglam makeup safe? Cruelty-free?

And I really didn’t know what to expect from the Sheglam makeup foundation that is only $9!!

And promises A LOT.

So I bought all the makeup essentials: foundation, concealer, eyeshadows, eyeliner, their popular liquid blush, mascara, and more! And tested them all to finally get mt own conclusion.

Keep scrolling to know if, as a Makeup Artist, I think Shein Sheglam Makeup is good?. Do I recommend it?, and a full face makeup tutorial using ONLY SHEGLAM makeup products. 

sheglam makeup review, foundation review, sheglam liquid blush review

Sheglam Eyeshadows review

The first thing we are applying this time is eye makeup.

(I already did my prep-skin routine before applying any makeup, you can check out what that is and then come back to this post)

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I usually use my Tarte shape tape concealer as an eyeshadow primer, and this time for the experiment, I wanted to try my shape tape concealer in one eye.

In the other eye, I applied the sheglam full coverage concealer in this shade.

So, at the end of this review, we can compare if this Sheglam concealer works as an eyeshadow primer.

After that, I set my eyelids with a translucent powder.

Did it work?

My first impression was that the Sheglam concealer as an eyeshadow primer was a bad idea!

The Tarte shape tape side dried almost instantly after I applied it and showed more coverage with less product.

But to be honest, at the end of the day, the eyeshadows look good on both sides (I have more to say about it later in this review, but it has nothing to do with priming the eyelids), so I think yes, I would use this sheglam concealer as an eyeshadow primer again.

Let´s get to the eyeshadow swatches

The packaging felt great, almost like any other makeup brand. But more on the luxury side than a drugstore.

Even though the price is less than DRUGSTORE makeup.

SHEGLAM eyeshadow palette breeze swatches and review
Breeze eyeshadow palette swatches

I ordered the Sheglam Breeze eyeshadow palette that came with 9 pastel and warm shades.

And it cost me $6 plus taxes.

I think the price is super cheap compared to other brands with that 9-shade presentation.

I chose that palette because I liked the colors, and it has a combination of matte and metallics with tones ranging from purples, pastels, blue, gold, and pink. Perfect for spring and summer!

Check the breeze palette’s current price here.

I must be honest and say that the swatches didn’t meet my expectations.

I must take a good amount of product to make it noticeable on my arm.

The matte shadows felt compressed and dry. I expected something more of a creamy texture that other eyeshadows have, but they don’t. 

On the other side, the metallic/shimmer eyeshades did well on the swatches. 

But the final conclusion with the Sheglam eyeshadow palette can’t be done just by swatches!

Let’s get into the eye makeup tutorial. 

Eyeshadow Tutorial using Sheglam Breeze palette

Step 1. First, I applied the light, warm matte shadow and used it as my transition color on my crease. 

I used my all-time favorite hack for hooded eyes: the “fake crease.” you can check more about that hack on my hooded eyes makeup complete tutorial. 

Step 2. I took the dark, warm shade to deepen the crease a little bit more before going into the pastels. 

Step 3. I took the pink/lilac shade and applied it on my outer corner, blending it to the center of my eye. 

Step 4. Now, I’m applying the blue shade on my inner corner and blending it with the past pink/lilac shade. 

NOTE: This blue was my LEAST favorite of the entire palette. Definitely, I expected more with that pastel blue.

I literally USED A LOT, even tried to wet my brush, and the coverage/color was not as I wanted. 

Step 5. I decided to try more colors on the palette and applied a combination of metallic purples on the outer corner on top of the first lilac. 

Step 7. Now I’m applying the golden shade. OH, this was a game-changer! I loved how this beautiful gold metallic shade sparkled even with a DRY brush. 

I’m using it in my tear duct to highlight my look, and I love it! It almost made me forget about that blue. 

Step 6. For my lower lash line, I’m using metallic dark blue and gold shades to highlight my eye’s lower inner corner. 

The final look in natural light

Conclusion about the Sheglan Eyeshadow palette. 

It does the work.

It is definitely a checkmark! I liked the colors and the texture.

I did NOT like the matte blue one, though. But for the price ($6) and the rest of the shades, I think it was a good choice!

They also have several more affordable palettes that I want to try. 

And I’ll be updating this review as soon as I try them.

Sheglam Concealer review

sheglam concealer review

I selected the shade coconut flakes.

And even though it looks pretty light on the sheglam page, the tone is more like an imperfections concealer rather than a highlighter concealer for my skin tone.

So, I’m currently using it to cover my under-eyes and some acne marks but still using a lighter shade to highlight my high points. 

What does the concealer description say?

  • Soft and matte finish
  • medium-to-full coverage (although the name of the concealer is 12-hour full coverage concealer)
  • Buildable formula
  • Won’t settle into lines or creases
  • Has anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Did it meet those expectations?

My opinion about the Sheglam concelaer

This concealer is 4.5 to 5 stars.

It meets my quality standards.

I have tried this concealer for a couple of weeks now.

And It has an incredibly soft and lightweight formula with medium to full coverage.

I can instantly cover my undereyes and other facial imperfections by using a tiny bit of concealer.

And you can build that coverage by using more products on problem areas.

It drys matte but not completely matte and dry-ish it dries more like a satin matte.

It is one of those concealers you definitely want to apply tips to prevent creasing and set them the right way.

I employ my popular undereye concealer hacks to prevent this from happening, and using those, the concealer works phenomenally without creasing or settling in my fine lines.

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Sheglam Foundation review

Sheglam foundation review

Now, I’m applying their popular SHEGLAM COMPLEXION PRO Long Lasting Breathable Matte Foundation.

This one comes in 30 shades—a pretty reasonable and inclusive range of shades. 

I chose the shade sand based on the name description and the photos on the sheglam page, and I picked the right shade.

This foundation was the product that I was most excited about.

I always have a hard time finding a good foundation when there’s a new foundation on the market, and this foundation just promised too much for a $9 product.

But I constantly get scammed with $40-50 foundations that just don’t do what they promise, so why not give this one a try?

So, here are my first impressions.


Surprisingly, this foundation came in a very luxury-like high-end look package! It includes a black cloth cover to protect the foundation (which really surprised me!).

You get the total luxury experience with a $9 foundation!

It has glass packaging and a matte black and gold cover. It contains 30 ml, which is pretty standard on almost every foundation.

I have to say that I was just loving the whole experience with this foundation without even use it.

Now, let’s see how it went.

What does the description of this foundation say? 

  • Sweat and waterproof formula
  • Fragrance-free
  • Non-pore-clogging ingredients
  • Lightweight on the skin
  • Semi-matte filter-like finish
  • Long wearing
  • Buildable

My opinion about the Sheglam Foundation

I found this foundation like a soft matte, which I think is very helpful for oily skin or combination skin in hot weather like my skin now.

I liked the coverage (It was really a medium-to-full coverage) more like a full coverage to me.

I pumped the bottle one time, and with that quantity, I was able to give full coverage through my face.

So it feels thick, but once you apply it to the skin, it feels breathable and lightweight.

Does it pass my standards? TOTALLY!

This is a great less-than-drugstore price foundation that feels way more than some high-end foundations that I know.


It will be something I would use with a client? As a Makeup artist, I don’t want to apply any new product to my clients especially If I don’t know if can cause irritation.

I will be testing this foundation more times and probably testing it with clients that have a similar skin type to me before introducing it to my professional makeup kit.

UPDATE AFTER-HOURS: I ate, played with my kids, go out in hot weather and the foundation stays in place and looks just amazing.

On the night right before I was going to bed, I noticed that there were some patchy areas on my chin and nose but this could be OK considering I didn’t retouch it during the day.

Sheglam Skinfluencer Full coverage Foundation Balm Review

sheglam foundation balm review

As you read above, when I first tried the foundation from sheglam it became one of my favorites. Not for the everyday, though, because it is matte and full coverage, and I usually like it for more of a full glam look. Anyways, sheglam released a NEW foundation.

Following this trend of everything in “balm” they released the Skinfluencer Foundation Balm.

And obviously, I had to try it!

What does the description say about this Foundation Balm?

  • high coverage and an instantly flawless application
  • non-greasy formula that is long-wearing
  • adheres to the skin with a thin consistency
  • Resist oil and sweat (it doesn’t say sweatproof)
  • Active ingredients: sodium hyaluronate and Gmoist Sea-Gel-H (fucus vesiculosus extract) to moisturize
  • Suitable for sensitive skin: talc-free, alcohol-free, non-allergenic ingredients (I love that!!)

It comes in 30 different shades! Some brands (and even expensive ones) still only manage only 10 shades or even 5 or 7 shades.

How in the world 5 shades will match and include most skin tones? No way! That’s why I like it when I see brands doing these number of different shades.

I got it in the shade Sand.

My Opinion about the skinfluener Foundation Balm

skinfluencer sheglam foundation balm review

Skip it if you have oily skin. But OMG, it is definitely worth a try!

NOTE: I also ordered this mini set of makeup brushes. It comes a foundation (the one in the picture), a blush brush, and three different eyeshadow brushes in a super convenient case and cute (in pink, my favorite haha).

I was surprised. I wouldn’t expect a good set of makeup brushes in a “mini” version for this price.

I love how smoothly applies and blends this foundation balm.

Are you on the hunt for a new foundation? Well, look no further

Sheglam’s new foundation balm is AMAZING!

This stuff is full coverage and seriously hydrating, giving you a soft matte finish that lasts all day long.

Plus, it comes in a cute and high-quality package. It feels so expensive (same with their other matte foundation)

And it’s super easy to blend with a makeup brush or sponge, it literally feel like a super soft and smooth butter or should I say “balm” on the skin but without feeling heavy thick or greasy.

I highly recommend it! And at less than $9, it’s affordable, too. Give it a try!

Sheglam Eyeliner Review

If this is the first time you read my blog, you probably don’t know that I have Hooded eyes.

I do not have those perfect eyelids that can use any eye makeup, eyeshadows, or eyeliner.

And I’m always thankful when I find an eyeliner that actually works for my hooded eyes.

This waterproof sheglam eyeliner is one of those! It is Hooded Eyes approved.

This is a waterproof formula that is really long-lasting. I don’t know, but I never imagined that a $4 eyeliner would be now my favorite.

it is a duo eyeliner.

On one side, you get a pen eyeliner, and on the other side, you get a wing stamp.

Although the “wing stamp” concept in some eyeliners has never worked for me, It could be helpful for other eyeliner beginners.

For me, to make the right-winged eyeliner for my hooded eyes, I would only use the thin pen eyeliner side.

Sheglam waterproof eyeliner review, sheglam black eyeliner review

UPDATE AFTER-HOURS: After 10 hours, this waterproof eyeliner didn’t move, smudge, or break, nor did it lose its black color in any way!

I’m impressed with how well this eyeliner went. I just loved it so much.

Sheglam liquid Blush review

This liquid blush trend has been everywhere, and when I saw a new concept the sheglam was offering with liquid blushes, I was so excited to try them.

This blush is a liquid-gel formula that comes in 4 shades; it has vitamin C infused and promises a long-wearing effect.

I bought this liquid blush in the shade love cake, which is a cute light pink shade.

It comes with a built-in sponge to apply it, which is very convenient and helpful to apply on YOUR face.

But not to apply it directly to others, like for clients.

(I can also apply it directly to a makeup palette instead of touching my face directly to prevent the blush from being contaminated)

sheglam liquid blush review

I’m using my real techniques custom slide blush brush to blend the blush perfectly with the rest of my makeup.

I actually really like this brush because you can adjust the coverage you want to apply to your product, either blush, bronzer, highlighter, or any cream or powder.

It’s my favorite!

My opinion about the Sheglam liquid blush

It is a great blush.

Does the work perfectly, and I like that it feels so lightweight and breathable on the skin (I have had problems with other liquid blushes causing me breaks, and I’ve been using this one for weeks without any reaction on my skin)

It’s not something waterproof or super long-wear, but if you set it with a powder blush, the color lasts longer.

What I love the most is the price! Without mentioning that the packaging is impressive.

I also bought the Spring it cream to Powder blush from sheglam, and although I didn’t pick it for this makeup look, I liked the product so far.

It comes with different packaging than the liquid blush, without a built-in sponge to apply.

And the formula is also a cream-to-powder formula that I like when I don’t want also to use a powder blush.

You can check this cream-to-powder blush here.

Sheglam lipstick review

Sheglam lipstick review

To finish my look, I mixed both lip products this sheglam matte liquid lipstick in the shade sugar and the sheglam lip tint in the shade wake-up call.

I have thoughts on both.

First, the matte liquid lipstick. We need to mention the price. It is only $4!

It has a formula that you can easily find in other high-end brands. It doesn’t get dry, it has full coverage on the lips, and it is long-wearing.

On the other side, the lip tint (which price is $4.50!!) is something different from the regular lipsticks or liquid lipstick I’m used to.

It is really a tint that literally stays in place for hours, almost days! I didn’t remove my lip makeup on the night, and the day after that, I still had some tint on my lips!

Something I don’t love about this tint is that it is difficult to remove.

But you can use a lip balm or an oil-based makeup remover to remove almost all from your lips.

This could be something good if you want some color on your lips throughout all day, even if you eat.

Sheglam Mascara review

I almost forgot I also bought and tried the sheglam waterproof mascara.

I only use waterproof mascaras because with my hooded eyes, my lashes tend to fall down with water-based mascara, and I need that extra lift on the eyes all the time.

So, a new waterproof mascara that works well was something I was excited about.

The sheglam waterproof mascara is now my everyday mascara!

It keeps my lashes lifted all day.

For ONLY $4!!

It is not something I would recommend to any person because you need to remove the mascara with an oil-based eye makeup remover carefully, and sometimes a waterproof mascara can be hard to remove.

But this mascara is CHEAPER than every other drugstore mascara I love.

This is just incredible.

My Honest Opinion about the SHEGLAM makeup 

Full face using sheglam makeup products
Full face using sheglam makeup products on natural light


I must mention that I had a FULL FACE makeup, only SPENDING $40 something dollars? eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, concealer, blush, lips!!

And in my order, I probably didn’t pass the $60 for like 12 products.

This Sheglam makeup brand is really cheap!

And I love to find good makeup at affordable prices so much.

But due to the price, there are some questions I had and probably you too about the quality of these products.

Here are some answers to that.

Is Sheglam makeup safe? 

The ingredients used to make the SHEGLAM products are considered safe.

The manufacturers of SHEGLAM are the same manufacturers as other luxury brands, and they hold the same strict product safety and quality assurance protocols as those brands do.

Is Sheglam makeup good?

The sheglam makeup is good. It has the quality on packaging and formulas like any other drugstore or high-end brand but at a way cheaper price.

I’ve tested for weeks now, and I have found that overall, it is a good brand that offers quality makeup products.

Is Sheglam makeup cruelty-free?

Yes! Sheglam makeup is cruelty-free.

Conclusion and final thoughts about Sheglam makeup

At the end of the day, my makeup look was overall still GREAT! I liked the foundation, mascara, blush, and lipstick duration and was IMPRESSED with the eyeliner!

On the other side, the thing that did not impress me was the eyeshadows. I probably have to test more eyeshadows from them, but I wasn’t totally disappointed because even if only one shade was good, I only paid $6 for it.

I also have to mention that these were my real thoughts and opinions (like always!), and sheglam didn’t sponsor this post.

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6 thoughts on “SHEGLAM Honest Review: I tried a full face makeup using ONLY Sheglam”

  1. Hola,encontre tu pagina buscando respuesta sobre la mascara de Sheglam,queria preguntar si se quita rapido cuando te lavas la cara? gracias,y me ecanto tu review de este producto

    1. Hi, Nancy! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. To be honest the Sheglam Mascara is not easy to remove using only water and a regular cleanser, since it’s waterproof, you need to use an oil-based eye makeup remover to completely remove it. But just as the same as any other waterproof mascara!

      Hola, Nancy! Que gusto que visites mi blog. La verdad es que la mascara de Sheglam no es facil de remover si solo utilizas agua y tu limpiador de cara normal. Como es a prueba de agua, necesitas un limpiador de maquillaje a base de aceite para poder remover todo el producto por completo. Pero asi es con todas las mascaras a prueba de agua.

  2. Hi, I have read your whole blog and I also think sheglam make up is good but my only concern about it is that is it save for pregnant women?

    1. Hi Ayesha! I’m not a doctor, so I can’t answer that question. But it is publicly known that makeup is generally safe for pregnant women. I think some ingredients in skincare products are worth paying more attention to see if it’s safe. I personally used Sheglam Makeup while pregnant without any problem. But again, ask your physician to get a professional answer in your particular situation. Thank you for your comment! I hope you the best with your pregnancy <3

  3. Hey, I have acne (left chick) on my face currently on treatment with derm so I tend no to use any makeup on daily basics but when there is an important event at work so I’ll need to dreessed up and my doctor said I should get as liquid makeup as possible to avoid any problems besides the option of clinical makeup. Already bought the Clinique even better serum foundation which I believe it’s my best shot and I get to the brand so, my question will be:

    Does it irritates your skin? the products are kind with your skin?

    This decision is on me cause next time I see my dr is 3 months and this event is within 2 weeks from now so don’t really know act should I do

    1. Hi Angie! I have tried these SHEGLAM products for months now, and their products don’t irritate my skin. I have tried all 3 types of foundations they offer, liquid blush, liquid contour and liquid highlighter, without having irritation, and to be honest, they pretty much feel kind to my skin. But this opinion is based on my personal experience.

      Always test before putting the product on all your face to confirm how it works with your skin.
      I’m unsure if your question was about sheglam makeup or the clinique even better serum foundation. That’s an excellent product, too.

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