15 Holiday Beauty Tips to Look Stunning this season (+FREE checklist)

15 Prep Holiday Beauty Tips to look beautiful + FREE printable Checklist

Holidays are coming, and everyone is getting ready for the best time of the year!

YEP, we all are getting ready for delicious food, vacations, family time, and gifts.

But what about your skin and beauty routine for this holiday season?

Taking care of our skin and hair this season is even more important because all the attention is elsewhere, and we might forget our beauty routine or skincare.

That, in combination with the winter and skin dryness that comes with it, we need to prepare the beauty routine to look stunning and have glowing skin on those special days.

Don’t worry; here is the Complete Holiday Beauty routine and checklist to make all your holiday preparations more effortless, and your skin and hair will thank you for this!

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1. Change your hair look!

This is the perfect time to change your hair color, get a new hair cut, or add some highlights to your hairstyle.

Make sure to make your appointment at your beauty salon with anticipation to get the perfect Hairstyle at the holiday party! 

2. Apply False Eyelashes

False lashes are my secret weapon to look pretty, even with my regular or no makeup routine, because they enhance the eyes and make them pop in photos!

You can opt for permanent false eyelashes at the salon or check my easy false eyelashes tutorial for beginners to put your lashes yourself the right way.

You can also book a lash extensions appointment at your favorite salon.

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3. Exfoliate your skin and lips 

Vacations often bring shifts in weather, humidity, and other environmental elements, leaving your skin in need of additional attention.

Consider using a gentle body exfoliant, ideally 2-5 days prior to your holiday. You can even exfoliate on the day of your event.

Don’t forget to pamper your lips too – use a lip exfoliator, particularly before applying makeup.

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4. Apply Hair Masks 1-2 weeks before

OH, you need to know how much I love hair masks and how they have benefitted my hair, making it grow thicker, healthier, and long!

And the best part is that you can create your hair masks at home. 

Or buy one at the store.

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission (at zero cost to you). Please see my full disclosure policy for details.

Giving your hair extra love with the right deep conditioner will be the best for this holiday prep beauty routine.

My favorite hair mask recipes:

7 Hair masks with coconut oil for every hair problem
7 Aloe vera hair mask to grow your hair FASTER! 

5. Avoid Makeup powders 

Now is the right time to change your powder blush and powder bronzer for creams.

Here’s my tutorial on how to apply cream contour and my guide on how to apply liquid/cream blush for your face shape and for different effects

I love the natural and sheer coverage that this cream blush leaves on my skin.

And it’s perfect for getting rid of dry, flaky skin this season. 

6. Add some highlighter

A highlighter is the best option to pop at any holiday party! And to get glowing dewy skin (without looking oily but naturally flawless), you can do the Yoga skin Makeup routine.

This Makeup look involves mixing your face oil, sheer foundation, and liquid highlighter and applying it to your face for a natural “Yoga skin” look.

You can check my full tutorial about this Dewy skin Makeup technique and my thoughts about it here. 

7. Wax your body

holiday beauty tips pre holiday beauty checklist holiday preparation skin makeup

The best way to wax your skin is with wax, and you can always opt to make your appointment at the salon or use these amazing wax strips with aloe vera to remove all the hair super easily at home. 

8. Apply Bronzer or Tan 

It could be winter, but a natural tan or bronzer is always super CUTE! 

You can apply your bronzer to your forehead, under cheekbones, and jawline to bronze your face with makeup.

However, for a full-body tan, you can try this excellent tan spray that leave your skin with a wonderful natural tan color.

Don’t forget to avoid the sun because skin cancer is real.

Let’s be thankful that we can have a beautiful tan without hurting our skin! 

Here is a great option for tan spray:

9. Make sure you get the right skincare routine

The phrase “skincare routine” has become so popular in the beauty industry, but what exactly do we need on our skin?

Every skin type is different and has different needs, but in general, your skin routine should look like this: (I linked each favorite product in case you need to check them)

Soap-free cleanser (it needs to be SOAP free)
Moisturizer (and eye cream)
Face Oil (Yes! This is essential even for oily skin)
Sunscreen (ALWAYS!)

Check My Ultimate Skin prep for Flawless Makeup guide for more info about every step! 

 10. Apply Face Masks!

Like the hair, the skin needs extra love this holiday season, and all the fun and holiday stress (maybe!) needs to stop for a second and spoil the face skin for just a few minutes every 2-3 days. That will probably help a lot to get stunning, clear skin in this season.

You can try a Collagen face mask for glowing and youthful face skin or opt for DIY natural ingredients face masks. (which I personally love!)

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11. Eat a Balanced diet 

The following days will probably be the worst scenario to be on a diet, so make sure you eat healthy and clean foods before detoxing and prep your body the right way.

And of course, try to eat less (or an appropriate quantity of food for your body) and as healthy as possible (I know!, but let’s try Haha) 

12. Reuse your eyeshadows!

We want to save time this holiday, and the best way to do it with your makeup is by using the same eyeshadow for eyeliner, as a brow powder and eyeshadow.

Yep! I actually do this hack for my everyday makeup bag, and it’s excellent for the right beauty travel bag.

Apply your regular brow powder; after that, contour your eyelids with the same and a small crease brush, and to finish, use a flat small brush to do a winged eyeliner with the same shadow. 

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Note: These tips can be replicable with blush, lipstick, and cream eyeshadow as well for the perfect monochromatic look

13. Glitter everywhere!

Use a liquid glitter eyeliner to enhance and highlight any makeup look and look more festive on these days.

It’s a super simple makeup addition that will change your look in a super amazing way. 

14. Get a facial

Beauty tips for holiday, pre holiday beauty tips- christmas beauty tips - holiday preparation beauty tips - prep holiday beauty checklist

Oh there’s nothing more relaxing than a deep facial.

Have you ever tried it at the salon? I recommend you go with a cosmetologist or skin expert and try this amazing holiday prep step.

You can always try the at-home version!

15. Hydrate your skin and your body!

With all the holiday preps, it could be expected to forget to drink enough water, so make sure you get a cute reusable water bottle always next to you that will serve as a reminder to drink enough water during the day.

However, it’s also essential to hydrate your skin from the outside, so apply a deep body moisturizer on your skin every day after a shower and before going to sleep. 

Final thoughts on Best Holiday Beauty tips 

I love holidays, being with the family, going to parties, and being so festive!

And my beauty routine is always the key to looking amazing these days.

 I hope you find this Holiday Beauty Routine guide helpful

, and if so, please let me know which steps you do for your holiday beauty routine.

If I miss anything, please feel free to add it in the comments below!

Or email us at [email protected]
I’d love to hear from you.

Bye bye!

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