Easy Violet Purple Eye Makeup (Helpful Guide + Tips)

violet purple eye makeup

How to wear Violet Purple Eyeshadow? What eyeshadow look goes well with purple? How to match purple eyeshadow with lipstick? Keep scrolling for a step-by-step Violet Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial with my best tips to wear purple eye makeup like a pro!

Honestly, wearing purple eyeshadow can get kind of scary because if not applied correctly can look really bad.

you really want to avoid ending up looking as if someone hit you in the eye or I don’t know, like a fairytale witch on Halloween. (assuming it’s not Halloween haha)

If you want to get a gorgeous purple eye makeup look that is actually wearable for almost any occasion, Today I have a very straightforward guide on how to wear violet/purple or lilac eyeshadow in a step-by-step tutorial with pictures.

Also, this color has been so popular lately, and I love how it looks for the spring/summer season! A variant shade of purple it’s the color of the year 2022, according to color trends experts.

That could be why you might have seen so many makeup or fashion looks related to this color lately.

Let’s get started!

violet purple eyeshadow tutorial

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What eyeshadow goes well with purple? 

The best eyeshadow colors to combine with purple are lilac, pastel pink, mint green, blue and warm shades like cooper, browns, and orange eyeshadows.

Wait what, did I say orange? YES. You read it right. The opposite color of purple in the color wheel for makeup is orange. And combining orange and purple on your eyeshadow look when well blended and applied strategically it’s actually a good idea to do for a well-balanced eye makeup look. especially if you have brown or blue eyes.

You can actually find that violet and lilac are the best eyeshadow colors to wear if you have brown eyes! See the chart below.

eyeshadow colors to wear with brown eyes
Read the guide on the best eyeshadow colors for your eye here.

When you use a complementary color you actually enhance and bring out the purple. Also wearing sister shades like lilac, violet, blue and pink can do a similar effect.

What I love about purple is that you can also combine it with silver or gold shades.

Another thing to consider when wearing purple eyeshadow is that this is a really difficult formula to make for makeup manufacturers.

It’s a complicated formula because of the color, and it’s super common to have a purple eyeshadow that either it’s not pigmented enough or has a lot of fallout.

For this eyeshadow color specifically, I recommend getting a GOOD eyeshadow palette. Like this one here by Anastasia Beverly Hills. That’s the eyeshadow palette I’m using for the tutorial below.

Best purple eye makeup palette

Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 1

I have tried several purple eyeshadows without success and this palette has just the perfect purple, dark purple, violets, and lilac shades. I love the other shades that it includes as well!

And the pigmentation it’s just like you see on the picture online. AMAZING! I honestly can’t recommend it enough, it is worth every penny.

I also love the glitter orange on the corner, the black, the WHITE!, the blues, and the other shimmery shades that have.

The makeup looks you can do with this palette are endless!

Usually, you don’t see such a complete set of colors like this one, which includes white and black as well as browns for the transition shades. It’s definitely a MUST-HAVE in your makeup collection. Check the current price here.

The Norvina Pro pigment palette vol. 1 is the eyeshadow palette that I’m using for this tutorial, so keep scrolling to see how it went.

How do you do purple eye makeup
: Step by Step

The Purple Eyeshadow tutorial below is a classy, elegant but at the same time, vibrant and a fun way to wear violet/purple/lilac eyeshadow! It’s beginner’s friendly, easy to do, and you only need 3-4 shades and some decent eye makeup brushes.

Products on this Tutorial:

Step 1. Prep the eyelid.

To get the perfect blank canvas to work our eyeshadows, it’s essential to apply a good eye primer before adding any color to our eyes. A good primer that I highly recommend (specially when wearing vibrant colors like purple/lilac) is this primer here.

Step 2. Let’s find our crease

Finding where your crease is located is essential for ANY eye makeup look. But for this one, is especially important to find it because we will follow that to outline our makeup.

The crease is the fold or line that divides the eyelid’s mobile part with the static eyelid. Once you find your crease we are ready for the next step.

Hooded or droppy eyelids? Forget where your crease is! You need to check this Hooded eyes Eye makeup guide where I explain exactly where you need to apply your eyeshadow instead of your natural crease.

IMPORTANT: A common makeup mistake when wearing purple/violet/lilac eyeshadow is having fallout in the undereyes area, that even when we try to clean it, it still looks purpleish. To avoid this, apply transluscent powder OR/AND a under eye protectors like these ones.

Step 3. Draw a line following your crease

For this step, I’m using the shade A2 from the Norvina palette.

Remember all the makeup tips and tricks that say you need to blend and blend your eyeshadows? Forget it! For this eye makeup, we will do a harsh line on the crease and we will NOT blend it.

Let me show you how.

First, open your eye and with a angled brush (like this one) start by the center your crease (remember with your eye open) and draw a fine line exactly where your crease towards the outer corner of your eye.

Then complete the line touching the end of your eye forming like a very thick winged eyeliner shape. Like this:

violet purple eyeshadow tutorial step 1

Step 4. Add a lilac shade

Now let’s start with these transition of tones. I took the A1 in the Norvina palette and apply it in the inner corner of my eye, towards the center of my eyelid.

lilac eyeshadow tutorial step 4

for this step you’ll need a flat eyeshadow brush like this one.

Step 5. Building the transition

Now I’m wearing the A3 shade again (the one I use for the first line) and I’m following right where my lilac shade was and set it in the color with padding motions. I’m not trying to blend anything at this point, just placing the color.

Imagine like your eyelid is divided in three parts, the lilac shade go in the first inner corner part, this shade goes in right in the center and the next shade in the outer corner part.

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Step 6. Adding some darkness

Now, it’s up to you how dark you want your makeup. I want to create a look that is versatile and wearable for night, day and on any kind of event, so I’ll stick with a darker purple than the previous I used, but not so dark like a black purple.

And I’m not adding any black, dark brown or dark gray in this look.

The shade I’m using is the B4 from the same Norvina palette. I’m applying it with the same flat brush but I’m not filling the last pointy part of our “thick winged eyeliner”

I’m using a smaller and more precise eyeshadow brush for that area.

Step 7. Blending time!

Next, I’m using a fluffy small blending brush like this one and without adding more color, I’m passing my brush thrugout the lines between the lilac and the middle purple, and the middle purple with the darker one.

Making sure everything looks blended with any harsh lines (besides the one that defines our crease).

Step 8. Inner Eye Highlighter

to highlight the inner eye I’m using a mix with the A1 shade and my wet and wild highlighter.

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Step 9. Eyeliner

Next, I’m doing a basic winged eyeliner. Check how I do my winged eyeliner here. I’m also cleaning out my under eyes with a powder brush, applying my concealer and finishing the rest of my face. (blush and bronzer)

For the BLUSH: I picked a warm orangy/salmon tone because I LOVE how the warms and oranges combine with purples. Baby pinks also work but I just wasn’t on the mood of pink.

TIP: If you are applying your foundation before your eyeshadow (know more about the proper order to apply your makeup products here) as I did, I highly recommend to avoid concealer and apply it after your eye makeup.

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Step 9. Final touches

To finish this look, I’m using a medium brown eyeshadow for my bottom lash lines and applying my favorites eyelashes for my Hooded eyes.

For the lips, I decided to go with a warm nude and a clear lip gloss. OH and of course, my highlighter on the high points of my cheeks and the tip of my nose. And this is the final result.

Final thoughts about Purple Eyeshadow Makeup

if you have brown or blue eye you need to try this tones for your next eye makeup!

The best way to combine violet/purple/lilac shades is by using a range of purples, browns, warms, pinks and blue for the eyes. For the blus, you can either pick a baby pink shade if you have fair skin or a warm orange for my deep skins. Medium skin can go either way.

You can play with colors using the technique I show you in this tutorial and even apply some glitter and one or two makeup diamonds.

I hope you feel inspired with this easy violet purple eye makeup!

Let me know if you have tried these tones lately? I’d love to hear from you.


Easy Violet Purple Eye Makeup (Helpful Guide + Tips)

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