Easy Christmas Makeup looks (Step by step Tutorials)

easy christmas makeup looks

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The Best Season of the year is here! And while I enjoy drinking hot chocolate and decorating my house with lights and everything Christmas, I also love to take advantage of the holidays to take some “me” time and play with my makeup looks!

If you are looking for easy Christmas makeup looks for beginners and simple makeup ideas, you can try these holidays. Check these easy tutorials that I packed in a list below!

And also, I have added some pro makeup and eyeshadow tips to make your makeup look flawless even with this cold weather!

holiday makeup ideas
Easy holiday makeup ideas

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#1 Christmas Eyeshadow Idea: Sexy Holiday Brown Smokey Eye

Brown Smokey eye eyeshadow look for christmas
Holiday Brown Smokey eye

Let’s be honest here, not everything with Christmas has to be red, green, and golden. We can experiment and try different shades and colors to combine with our Christmas and holiday outfits.

So to start, I have this cute and simple eyeshadow Christmas makeup idea of a Brown smokey eye.

I love the dark black smokey eye version, but have you ever tried a Brown smokey eye?

It looks so sexy and cute if you know how to do it, and the best part is that it can combine with those colored ugly sweaters without looking too much!

This is basically a simple UNIVERSAL eyeshadow idea. And of course, you can change the range of browns that suits best for you.

You will need:

brown smokey eye tutorial for christmas

Check the step-by-step brown smokey eye tutorial here.

#2 Christmas Makeup Idea: Cut Crease

easy eyeshadow makeup look for christmas and new years

A cut crease makeup is a perfect makeup look for these holidays!

This particular cut crease eyeshadow tutorial includes a bunch of tips and techniques to make your eye look bigger and lifted. This is especially helpful if you have hooded eyes or droopy eyelids (like me)

You can change the tones and shades of this tutorial neutral cut crease tutorial for red, green, or even black to make it more dramatic. OR you can add a pop of glitter on the center of the eyelid!

You will need:

Tips to make your eye look bigger and lifted using the cut crease eyeshadow technique

Check the full Cut crease eyeshadow tutorial here.

#3 Holiday Eyeshadow Makeup Idea: Glam Halo Eye Makeup

This holiday season is the perfect time to add glitter and shimmer to our looks! And in this Christmas makeup idea, we are doing a Halo eye eyeshadow look.

I did this makeup using a range of pinks, so it’s super easy to switch those with reds or even greens.

The key to making this makeup idea look complete is to add that glitter on the center of the eyelid. You can either use a colored glitter or opt for a golden or silver shade.

To complete this halo eye makeup tutorial, you will need:

Halo eye makeup look for christmas and holidays

✅Check the Complete Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial here.

#4 Christmas Eyeshadow Idea: Red Holiday Glam

makeup tips for winter

Let’s get more creative, and for this Christmas makeup idea, I have an easy colored red smokey eye with green and white eyeliner!

I also applied red glitter on the eyelid to make it more dramatic. And to finish the look, and I’m wearing my favorite nude lipstick! You can also try this look with a beautiful dramatic red lipstick.

A simple way to add color to your makeup looks is by adding a double eyeliner using colored eyeliners. This is the set of colored eyeliners that I’m using, which are really good!

You will need:

  • Green and white eyeliner
  • Red eyeshadow
  • Medium brown and dark brown eyeshadow
  • Golden eyeshadow to highlight
  • Black eyeliner
  • False eyelashes

This amazing colored eyeshadow palette by beauty glazed includes an incredible range of tones for a super affordable price! You can find the best and most pigmented greens, reds, and yellows there!

✅ Check more info about this Christmas Makeup idea here. The guide also includes tips and tricks to make your winter makeup look flawless and prevent the horrible winter dryness on your skin.

#5 Holiday Eyeshadow Makeup Idea: Elegant Glam Smokey Eye

Elegant Smokey eye for holidays, eyeshadow makeup idea

If you want to go with a more elegant and dramatic makeup idea, you need to try this easy Smokey eye!

The smokey eye makeup is an amazing way to make your eyes pop no matter your eye color!

I love to pair this eyeshadow look with a soft peachy or pinky nude lipstick, but you can also get more dramatic and use it with red lips. Remember: The sky is the limit with makeup.

For this Makeup idea for Christmas or New Year, you will need:

  • A medium brown eyeshadow shade as a transition shade
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Makeup wipes (to clean the fall out of your deep shades, there’s always some fall out with this makeup look, so do your eyes first, then the rest of your face!)
  • Black pencil eyeliner to use as a base (this one here is amazing)
  • Black eyeliner
  • False eyelashes
Black Smokey eye tutorial for beginners

✅Check the complete step-by-step Smokey eye tutorial here + A complete eyeshadow guide for beginners (find the tutorial at the end of the guide)

#6 Easy Christmas Makeup Idea: Soft Glam Half Cut crease

soft glam half cut crease, christmas makeup look

As you can see with this list, I’m all about neutrals. I love to play with neutrals and get more dramatic from there. Like adding glitter, or bold lips.

And this holiday makeup look is not the exception! It’s a soft glam half-cut crease with a color gradient technique.

Remember that once you get the technique you can combine, mix and match colors as you want to create an infinitive number of makeup looks!

You will need:

soft glam half cut crease eyeshadow makeup look for beginners, holiday makeup ideas, chrstmas makeup ideas

✅ Check the full details of this soft glam half cut crease tutorial here. + How to apply eyeshadow for beginners.

Final tips to try with these Easy Christmas Makeup Ideas

Tip #1 Apply Glitter!

I love how the glitter brings the amazing final touch to basically ANY makeup look. So if you feel like your makeup look is missing something. Try adding some pressed glitter to the center of your eyelid. And you can play around with the colors.

For example, if your look is brown, you can add golden, blue, yellow, or purple glitter. or even enhance even more that brownish shades with some brown glitter!

Check this amazing pressed glitter palette:

Tip # 2 Play with your Eyeliner

To make your eyeshadow makeup more unique and stylish, try playing with your eyeliner.
You can try to smudge your eyeliner and blend it with your eyeshadows on the upper lid. Or even a double eyeliner cat eye using colored eyeliners!

No matter how simple your eyeshadow makeup is, you can turn that look in super pro makeup using the right eyeliner technique.

If you want to know more about how to apply your eyeliner properly check this eyeliner guide for beginners here.

Tip #3 False Eyelashes!

And last but not least, False eyelashes!
if you notice, a common thing on every Christmas and holiday makeup idea in this list was false eyelashes. And that’s because I dare to say that a makeup look doesn’t look finished until you add false eyelashes.

I know that this is something that not everyone is used to wearing, especially if you are a makeup beginner. But trust me a good pair of false eyelashes especially the ones that I recommend for beginners, is the best way to make your makeup look elegant and finished!

Your eyes will look bigger and your eyeshadow will simply look better. This is a no-brainer.

I have a complete guide on how to select the best false eyelashes for beginners packed with a step-by-step false eyelashes tutorial where I share different tips and tricks so you can apply your false eyelashes like a pro!

I hope you find these easy Christmas makeup look ideas helpful and let me know if you try one of these! Also free to add your own makeup tips and tricks for these holidays in the comment section below. I’d love to read from you!

Valeria H.

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